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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 118

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Chapter 118 

Seeing that there was something strange about the deputy team leader’s reaction, Yuan Zheng’s heart sank, and his eyes became solemn.

The deputy team leader frowned and anxiously paced a few steps back and forth. Finally he made up his mind and said in a low voice: “I heard– and this is just hearsay, but I heard that you can detect an ability user through their blood. And I don’t know why, but the medical team has been secretly supplying that Dr. He with blood serum all this time.”

Yuan Zheng abruptly stood up. He felt a deep anxiety in his heart.

Recalling Mu Shi’s strange reaction to Dr. He at that time, he could not help but become more worried. He hurried to Mu Shi’s room and knocked on the door a few times, but no one responded.

The deputy team leader also followed him to Mu Shi’s room. The two looked at each other, and their hearts sank together with a heavy feeling. They raised their hands and opened the door.

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The room was empty, the windows were vacant, and there was no one inside.

“They must have discovered Xiao Shi’s ability and secretly took him away!”

The deputy team leader spoke in a hurry, and Yuan Zheng’s gaze darkened rapidly. He did not dare to delay for even a moment. He hurried over to the big building immediately.

When the two rushed to the laboratory, they saw that the lights inside were brightly lit, and there were faint groaning and smashing sounds, as if someone was fighting inside.

Yuan Zheng’s eyes grew darker and he kicked the door open. The people inside stopped and looked towards the door.

Seeing the protagonist unexpectedly appearing here, Su Shi’s throat suddenly tightened up. He looked at Yuan Zheng quietly, but inside his heart was sinking heavily.

Dr. Dark knew Su Shi’s identity [as the Son of Hell] and could expose him at any time, while he has yet to completely expose the other person’s nefarious ambitions.

Looks like he could not continue to hide his identity anymore.

Su Shi lowered his gaze, glanced at Dr. Dark, whom he had beaten into a pulp, and self-deprecatingly raised the corners of his lips.

…This was fine, too. Now that the protagonist has seen his violent side, he should believe that he is not a good person.

Even if his two identities overlapped, he could use this incident as an opportunity to blacken himself. Then he should be able to smoothly return to the right track, shoulder the pot again, and revert back to being the fearsome and evil thief…

Yuan Zheng stood at the door startled.

He saw the faint curve of the young man’s lips and suddenly his chest felt stuffy and he couldn’t breathe.

Mu Shi didn’t smile very often, so every time he smiled, he looked warm and pure, but the smile in front of Yuan Zheng right now was different. Those eyes were filled with a defensive chilliness that stabbed at others and also hurt himself. It was as if the defenses that took a long time to gradually lower were abruptly erected once again.

The deputy team leader hurried over. He flipped through the pocket of Dr. He’s white lab coat, and as expected, he found a test tube of blood serum. It was labeled with not only Mu Shi’s name, but also the number 50.

He turned around and worriedly handed the test tube to Yuan Zheng.

Holding the test tube in his hand, Yuan Zheng’s chest slowly rose and fell, as if a knife had been pierced through his body, and the slightest bend was painful to his heart and lungs.

Seeing that serial number on the test tube chilled him to the bone. Only after taking several deep breaths to calm himself did he prevent himself from directly crushing the test tube.

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The events all happened so coincidentally. Mu Shi must have thought that Yuan Zheng had deliberately brought him to get his blood drawn, betrayed him to Dr. He, and even insisted on bringing him back to the base to make him a test subject of Dr. He’s.

There was no expression on Mu Shi’s face. He only stood there quietly with his head lowered, and his eyes fixed upon a distant void.

Dr. He slowly regained a bit of strength. He saw Yuan Zheng’s figure at the door. His eyes immediately lit up. He used force to push away the young man that was holding him down. Then he got up and rushed over to Yuan Zheng.

“Captain Yuan! You finally came. Let me tell you, he is-”

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He had only just started to speak when Yuan Zheng slammed his fist into his abdomen. Dr. He fell upon the medicine rack heavily. He curled up as coughs racked his body. It was so painful that his features all twisted together.

“Mu Shi, it’s all right, look at me—don’t be afraid, it’s all right.”

Yuan Zheng didn’t even spare a glance for the scientist. He walked over to Su Shi with long strides and held the still indifferent young man with his hands. His tone was faintly nervous and fearful.

“It’s my fault for arriving late. Come back with me, okay? Believe me, this was just an accident, I won’t let anyone else hurt you again…”

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Dr. Dark: ?!?! (Ω#)ДΩ)

#Who hurt whom?

#Are you going blind at such a young age?

#The deputy team leader can’t hold on anymore

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