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The Big Landlord 129.3

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Chapter 129.3 – Conclusion

Xu Wei Ye, who was once so content with his achievements, now looked like death warmed over. Beside him was his accomplice Zhou Shan. His crimes were not as heavy as Xu Wei Ye’s, but just his intent to murder Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran was enough to sentence him to the death penalty.

In the crowd, a beautiful young woman supported two elderly people and looked at Zhou Shan sadly.

These people were the two elders of the Zhou family and Zhou Ling Long. After Xu Wei Ye’s house was searched and seized, all those involved in his plan were arrested, and those who knew nothing of the situation were sent home, compensated with money given by the Imperial Fu Palace.

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An Zi Ran fulfilled his promise. He rescued Zhou Ling Long from the Xu Manor and gave her family one thousand taels of silver. It was thanks to them that the account book was retrieved. And that account book was very helpful in the confiscation of the Xu Manor. Otherwise, if there were someone trying to hide things, they would not know.

“Ling Long, don’t be sad for your brother. He is reaping what he has sown.”

Old woman Zhou calmly patted Zhou Ling Long’s hand. She knew that her daughter was a kind person. Although her brother sold her off to Xu Wei Ye, she never hated A-Shan in her heart. After all, he was her biological brother, and there was no longstanding enmity between family members*.

[*T/N: 亲人之间没有隔夜仇 Not exactly an idiom, but it’s kind of a Chinese saying that’s supposed to support harmony within the family. A more direct translation is “between one’s close relatives there is no overnight animosity,” meaning you can hate them today but reconcile the next day. Personally, I think it’s BS in this case, but it’s a concept that exists.]

Now that Zhou Shan has fallen into this plight, there was no need for Zhou Ling Long to hate him anymore. The past has become a cloud a smoke.

Although Zhou Shan was arrested, his family was innocent.

Zhou Shan was older than Zhou Ling Long. When he forced her to marry Xu Wei Ye, he was already married himself. Furthermore, he had a son and two daughters. His oldest child was already eleven years old.

Perhaps Zhou Shan still had a bit of conscience. He never dragged his wife and children down with him.

Zhou Ling Long spoke in sign language to Zhou Shan’s back, “Brother, I will take care of my sister-in-law and your three children on your behalf. You don’t have to worry.”

“Let’s go, Ling Long.”

As they turned and plunged into the crowd, Zhou Shan seemed to have felt something and looked back, but he was a step late, because the three of them had already disappeared.

Zhou Shan shed two lines of manly tears. He already knew that he was wrong, but it was too late for regrets now. He would never be able to re-do things in this life, but he felt relieved because he knew that his sister would finally be able to escape from the sea of suffering and reconnect with their dad and mom, and live together. That was enough!

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An Zi Ran considered the fact that killing a dozen people in public would be too bloody of a scene and might traumatize some people, so in the end he decided to deal with Xu Wei Ye’s group in private and then announce their death to the public.

The day after Xu Wei Ye was paraded through the streets as a criminal, news of his execution spread. Although some people regretted not being able to see the scene of his death with their own eyes, the biggest tumor in Ali Xiang was finally removed, and the villagers were very happy.

The once closed off and backward Ali Xiang finally ushered in psring in the truest sense.

“Son, Son, what you said really turned out to be true!”

The peasant woman who had talked about Zhou Shan’s younger sister that day, ran to her son in excitement when he came back. The peasant woman admired her son more and more. Not too long ago, her son had said that the Imperial Fu Palace was going to take care of Xu Wei Ye. And his prophecy really came true in under a month.

Ta Li was somewhat exasperated, “Mom, this news has been circulating for a few days already, what’s so exciting?”

The peasant woman raised her chin proudly, “Your mom is just happy. My son is so smart. He can even predict this. You don’t know but A-Na Er’s mother has been sorely envious of me all morning. Oh, that’s right, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“…What is it?”

“Last time, two strange men asked your mom about Zhou Shan’s younger sister. And not long after that, something happened to Zhou Shan and Xu Wei Ye. Would you say that they did it?” The peasant woman asked enthusiastically. She has been suspicious of this all along.

Ta Li squinted, “Why are you asking these things?”

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The peasant woman didn’t notice her son’s expression, so she spilled the beans. “They came over suddenly when I was talking about you with A-Na Er’s mother.”

“Mom, I told you not to tell others. You’re taking my words as wind past your ears again*.”

[*T/N: wind past your ear – Chinese idiom for in one ear and out the other]

The soaring expression on the peasant woman’s face went stiff in a split second. When she turned her head to looks she saw that her son’s face had turned black. So scary!

“My child’s dad, quick, come and save me!”

[*T/N: 孩子他爹 – it sounds clunky in English but it’s literally “(my) child’s dad.” The “my” is derived from context clues, but can also be replaced with “this/the.”]

Inside the house, the child’s dad shook his head.

You reap what you sow.

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