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The Big Landlord 66.2

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Chapter 66.2 – Behead

On the steps, Fu Wu Tian’s mouth twitched slightly.
Translated by Vanilla Muse
Right now that handsome face wasn’t one that made people’s cheeks blush and their hearts race. Instead there was a trace of cruelty and blood thirst written in the line of his brows. It was like Shura had risen from hell to stand before mere mortals. He was a god standing at heights that they could never climb. Beneath his gaze, they only felt like insignificant ants.

The constables who saw this scene felt a chill enter their hearts. Their hands shook, and the swords tumbled out of their weak grasp.

Liu Fei Hong was so angry that his pale face turned ruddy. Thirty people couldn’t even take down a single person. If news of this got out wouldn’t that make him a laughing stock?

“Prefectural Magistrate Jiang, quickly come up with a plan!”

Liu Fei Hong finally couldn’t help but ask for help from Jiang Zhong Ting. Due to his fear of the ledger’s contents leaking out, he had rushed over to An Yuan County, so there was no time to prepare much in advance. At that time, he had thought that his opponent was only a landlord. He never expected that it would be such a level of difficulty.

Jiang Zhong Ting’s eyes flickered indefinitely. Now that things have developed to this point, if he still couldn’t see the great difference between this man’s strength and that of ordinary people, then he was really blind. How could a businessman reek so strongly of blood and even kill someone without batting an eye? To say that he was an ordinary businessman, only a three year old would believe it.

It seemed like it would be inadvisable to make this matter any bigger than it was.
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Thinking of this, Jiang Zhong Ting finally stepped forward.

The constables immediately parted to make a path for him to pass through.

However, Jiang Zhong Ting did not have the courage to get too close to Fu Wu Tian. He stopped two and a half meters away, and looked up at the man on the steps.

“Since you are from Jun Zi City, you must have heard of the first prince’s great name. As long as you hand over the young landlord of the An family behind you, this prefectural magistrate guarantees to put in a few good words for you before the first prince, and to not pursue what happened today.”

Jiang Zhong Ting looked at this supernatural man’s indifferent expression and could not help but frown.

“Your distinguished self may be unconcerned, but sire, you should still think about your family in Jun Zi City, right? This is a big crime necessitating the execution of the perpetrator and all of his relatives. Even if sire is unafraid of the consequences, your family may still be afraid. You need to reconsider.”

“Executing all relatives?”

As if he heard something funny, Fu Wu Tian finally gave him a little reaction.

Jiang Zhong Ting did not notice the sly twinkle that flashed across Fu Wu Tian’s eyes. Thinking that the other party was finally scared, a trace of arrogance immediately entered his voice, “That’s right. If you don’t want to offend the first prince, then you better hand over that person behind you. This prefectural magistrate guarantees not to make things difficult for your family members.”

These words were actually a blank promise.

Rebellion was a treacherous crime that implicated all of one’s relatives. Since he was the An family’s son-in-law, then not only him, but also his family members would count as An Zi Ran’s relatives. Whether or not those people would be executed, that was not something a mere prefectural magistrate had any say in.

Just then, an unimaginable person rushed out.

A woman slammed into the ground and howled towards Jiang Zhong Ting, “Da ren, we are innocent, ah, my daughter and I are ignorant of An Zi Ran’s intentions to rebel. This matter really has nothing to do with us. Da ren, please distinguish right and wrong with acuity!”

After she finished speaking, she started kowtowing towards Jiang Zhong Ting. She used so much force that the skin on her forehead split.

This person was none other than the third concubine, Zheng Bi.

As for An Ke Xin, she stood in the hallway with a waxen face, looking at the scene with horror.

After hearing the news that the An manor was surrounded by the government, the mother and daughter pair rushed over just in time to hear Liu Fei Hong’s slanderous accusations. Then they saw Fu Wu Tian cruelly killing a bodyguard. The two nearly fainted.

[T/N: I’m surprised they didn’t…? XP]

Zheng Bi was did not know that the rebellion was purely a made-up accusation. She thought of Fang Jun Ping and her daughter. She never understood why those two would run away from the An family, but now she finally received an answer. In order to survive, she mustered up the courage to run out.

When Jiang Zhong Ting saw her, he immediately thought of a wonderful strategy. “What is your relationship to An Zi Ran?”

Zheng Bi quickly explained, “Da ren, I am his father’s third concubine, Zheng Bi, but you must believe me, da ren, my daughter and I really don’t know anything.”

Third concubine?

So she was one of An Chang Fu’s concubines.

Jiang Zhong Ting was very satisfied with her identity and looked at her with increasingly gentle eyes. “This prefectural magistrate wants to believe in you, but it is true that this family intents to rebel. Unless you can prove that you have nothing to do with the rebellion of the family.”

Zheng Bi was not stupid and soon understood the hints in his words. She suddenly got excited and replied with joy, “Da ren, I am willing to testify that An Zi Ran really had rebellious intentions.”

“Very good! Very good!”

Jiang Zhong Ting finally laughed out loud, and looked at Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran with an expression that said he was proud of himself.

“Ge Qian An, I only now found out that stupidity attracts stupidity.”

Shao Fei, who had been watching for a long time, couldn’t help it anymore. Watching them talk and scheme about how to harm their wang fei, he had the urge to split their heads open and see what was inside.

Ge Qian An ignored him.

On the other hand, Jiang Zhong Ting’s expression sunk.

At that moment, tumultuous sounds came to them from the outside. The noise seemed to be startled shouts coming from the farmers that had surrounded the manor to watch. There was the sound of neat and orderly footsteps. The duh duh duh sounds echoed in the hearts of the well-trained soldiers.

Just as Jiang Zhong Ting turned and looked behind him, a soldier in armor led several teams of soldiers to rush inside. The soldiers split to the left and right, and immediately surrounded the entire courtyard.

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