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The Big Landlord 73.1

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Chapter 73.1 – Interrogation and Fervor

“What do you mean by this? Are you suspecting me of unsuccessfully harming you?”
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Zheng Bi reacted fiercely when she understood that he was suspecting her of being the culprit that caused him to faint in the snow and almost lose his life. Her voice went shrill.

Although she always wanted him to be gone from this world as soon as possible, it had always been just a thought. She had never really hurt him. On the day of An Zi Ran’s accident, everyone thought that he was grieving the death of his parents too excessively and ended up fainting in the snow. But that was just a notion by other people.

At first, Zheng Bi had also thought the same thing, but later she overheard the two maids that served An Zi Ran talking. They said he was the same as usual all morning, except for when he cried at the beginning. After that, he reverted back to normal, eating and drinking when he should, exuding the image of a heartless son.

When the incident happened later that day, in the afternoon, the two maids were sent somewhere else in advance.

When the maids realized that he was not in his room, they found him lying in the snow, already on his last breath.

Zheng Bi only knew that An Zi Ran had a near death incident because she happened to overhear the two maids talking. It was absolutely not because An Zi Ran was so depressed that he sought to end his own life, but that someone had deliberately sent the two maids away, and then called An Zi Ran out.

She also did not know who would dare do such a thing.

An Zi Ran had been paying attention to her expressions all along. When he saw the emotion in her eyes flickering he knew that there was something up.

Zheng Bi knew that she had never harmed An Zi Ran, so she was not afraid of him pursuing this topic. For the first time, she lifted her head and puffed out her chest, her conscience clear.

An Zi Ran said, “Did I say that you try to hurt me? Everyone thinks that I had an accident that day due to being overly heart broken. Why would you think that I suspect you of harming me? Why don’t you say what you know?”

Zheng Bi knew that she had made a mistake. She quickly covered her mouth and averted her eyes. The emotions in her gaze flickered even more.

“Answer me!” An Zi Ran enunciated each syllable.

She hesitated a moment, but when she thought about it again she reasserted to herself that she had no guilty conscience, so she told him about the overheard conversation.

“I only know because of this reason. It really wasn’t me who harmed you.”

An Zi Ran lowered his gaze.

The truth that Zheng Bi just spoke, actually he already knew about it.

He also investigated those two maids, but it wasn’t that someone had deliberately sent them away. It was actually a coincidence. The murderer probably discovered this coincidence by chance and committed the crime impromptu.

An Chang Fu and his first wife died suddenly, and then An Zi Ran died in the afternoon of the same day, so it could be ruled out that the culprit had planned this crime ahead of time.

It was due to this coincidence that he was unable to find the murderer.

He observed Zheng Bi’s expression. She did not lie. When a person was lying, they always did something out of the ordinary, or some habitual act of disguise to cover up the lie, unless they were an expert or a genius at lying. Evidently, Zheng Bi was not. If she really had such schemes, then she wouldn’t be just a concubine to An Chang Fu.

He could rule her out as the murderer, and her daughter could also be temporarily taken off the suspect list.

The facts were the same as what she just said. That day, mother and daughter stayed in their room and did not come out. But there was no evidence to prove that they were always inside, which was why he had doubted them.

“Since you want to stay in An Yuan County, then I will let you do so. I have already prepared another house. People have died in this house so it might feel suffocating. In the near future, An Ke Xin will be married from that house. If there is no other problems, you can go.” An Zi Ran played down his previous question, and then rushed the other party from the study.

Zheng Bi wasn’t particularly satisfied with this result. If Ke Xin did not get married from the An family’s main manor, then how will other people look upon her? People who didn’t know what happened would think that the An family didn’t look too highly upon Ke Xin, but what An Zi Ran said was also the truth.

Zheng Bi left.

An Zi Ran leaned back in the chair and meditated on his thoughts.

Don’t know when, but a tall figure stood in the doorway and blocked the moonlight coming in. A deep shadow was cast on the floor.

An Zi Ran did not look up.

Fu Wu Tian had washed up and changed into blue silk brocade robes. He went over to the desk. He placed both hands on the table and looked at him. “Wang fei, it looks like you still don’t have any clue yet.”

An Zi Ran knew that it was him, and he was not surprised. When he heard this sentence, he looked up and stared the other man in the eyes, which could still emit bright light in the night. “This is my business, you should not intervene.”

Fu Wu Tian said, “This prince has a misgiving.”

An Zi Ran arched an eyebrow. “What misgiving?”

Fu Wu Tian said, “The victim is wang fei, so the one who should know about the entire incident should be yourself. But why is it that you seem to not remember what happened at that time?”

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  1. Claim memory lapse and you lost that event in the midst of getting killed.

    (Don’t know if anyone reads this but I’ve been meaning to ask about the profile picture of the translator. If anyone knows where to find it and who they are, please let me know.)

  2. Uh-oh! The cat is peeking out of the bag! Well eventually the truth of his transmigration will be known to FWT. So it doesn’t matter if he knows now or later. But it should be interesting to know how AZR will cover up now if he does.

    1. AZR ís actually a good liar unlike some people…

      But really FWT is indeed sharp, always seeing the truth hidden beneath the surface. Even when that surface is masterfully crafted lie from his beloved.

  3. FWT is gonna uncover the truth??! I don’t thinks so. Ziran could say he doesn’t remember for the accident or something like that.

    If this concubine wasn’t the culprit, then it was the other concubine?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Usually when a traumatic experience happens, you’re brain does it’s best to block out the memory. So I don’t really remembered what happened.

    Also, Zi Ran trans migrated 3 days before this happened. I think that’s something that everybody forgot

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