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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 17

Episode 17 – Recap

After going over all the household records, Shiyi meets with the senior maids in charge of the different departments within the manor. She rewards one of them (Mrs. Li) for a job well done and punishes two of them (Mrs. Wang and Mrs. Zhou) for embezzling money.

At night, Dongqing wants to play a trick on Amber by jumping out and scaring her, but ends up scaring Fu Linbo instead. Fu Linbo reacts instinctively and brings her to the ground with martial arts. She bites his arm in retaliation. [Smells like the set up to a side pairing.] 

Lingyi is working in his study and hears someone coming in. He thinks it’s Shiyi and happily gets up to greet her only to see that it is Lianfang and becomes disappointed. Then they talk about the refugees. Lianfang doesn’t care about what happens to the refugees or common people, and this irks Lingyi.

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Shiyi goes to Lingyi’s room to search for clues about her mother’s death. Lingyi bumps into her before she can leave, so she makes up an excuse about getting his measurements to make him new clothes. He tells her instead of taking measurements from his old clothes, it is better to take it directly from his body. [Oh ho ho.] They talk about the refugees, and Shiyi shows that she cares for them, a stark contrast to Lianfang’s response. Shiyi makes a passing comment that Lingyi would look good in any clothing because he has a nice body. This leads to Lingyi admiring himself in the mirror more often. [Lmao.]

Lingyi is pretty certain that the moldy rice incident was caused by the Ou family, because they want the Xu family to lose the government’s trust. Lingyi is watching the military provisions, because that is a good place to hoard lots of moldy rice. He is just waiting for the Ou family to make a move.

Concubine Wen tries to get Shiyi to be business partners by bribing her with money and jewelry, but Shiyi rejects her. Lingyi finds out and he remarks that Shiyi is really different from her older sister. [I think they’re different too, but this is a little unfair to Yuanniang. Yuanniang was trying to pave a smooth path for Xu Zhun because she felt that she could not depend on Lingyi. Pretty sure she wanted to earn that extra money for Xu Zhun’s sake and not because she’s just greedy for money.]

Lingyi gets Steward Bai to give Shiyi more money “for household uses.” Then he presents her with the land deeds from her dowry. He had purchased them back and added more deeds to connect all the land together. He stays at her place for lunch. She likes Yuhang dishes, which is not Lingyi’s usual fare, but he finds it tasty because he is eating with her. When he eats the same dishes again, but by himself, he finds the taste lacking even though it’s the same chef.

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