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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 22

Episode 22 – Recap

Shiyi finds out that the fabric used by the Ou family is all brought back by Zunzhang from the South. She also finds out that Wang Yu has been physically abusive towards Erniang. She talks to Erniang in an attempt to reconcile and help her. Erniang goes home and tries to start afresh with Wang Yu, but that son of a gun doesn’t care to play nice at all.

Lingyi comes home drunk after drinking with friends. Fu Linbo and Zhao Ying deliver him to Shiyi’s room. All the servants quickly make up excuses to leave Shiyi and Lingyi in the room alone together. Outside the room, Fu Linbo and Dongqing attempt to eavesdrop on what’s happening and end up pressing the sides of their faces against each other.

Shiyi takes care of the drunk Lingyi and sees a different side to him. She also witnesses him having nightmares. Concerned, she later asks Fu Linbo about it, and he tells her Lingyi can’t let go of what happened in the past – which is the Ou family setting a trap for the Xu family, and his father dying as a result.

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Madame Xu visits Lianfang at night to appease her, because she took Shiyi to the banquet and not Lianfang. Instead, she ends up hearing Lianfang talking smack about Shiyi and breaking things. She chides Lianfang for it. Madame Xu finally acknowledges that Shiyi is a good person and that she misunderstood her in the past. Although her personal maid, Mrs. Du, was still trying to rationalize Lianfang’s outburst. Lianfang acts chastised in front of Madame Xu, but doesn’t actually intend to keep her head down.

The next morning, Madame Xu’s attitude towards Shiyi has evidently changed. She praises Shiyi in front of Lingyi, Danyang, and Lianfang. And she remarks that it’s nice that Lingyi and Shiyi are getting along well.

Lingyi purposely breaks a window in his room and uses that as an excuse to sleep in Shiyi’s room. The two flirt and have cute moments together.

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