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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 34

Episode 34 – Recap

Lingyi comes to pick Shiyi up from Xianling Pavilion. He eavesdrops on Shiyi and Lin Shixian talking. At first he is pleased that she is giving up Xianling Pavilion for the Xu family, but then hears Lin Shixian talking about her love for embroidery.

Lingyi and Lin Shixian have an honest talk about Lin Shixian’s feelings for Shiyi. Lin Shixian explains everything clearly to avoid misunderstandings and then lets Lingyi know that he will be withdrawing from Xianling Pavilion.

Back at the Xu manor, Lingyi tells Shiyi she can keep doing what she loves [embroidery] as long as he is alive. A drunken Shiyi thanks him and apologizes for stabbing him. He forgives her, but can’t help questioning her feelings for him.

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Madame Luo and Concubine Yang (Erniang’s mother) both pass away at the same time. Old Master Luo falls ill from the shock. While he is bedridden, his children and in-laws decide how to handle the funeral. Lingyi steps in and says the Xu family will help out. Erniang is angry at the entire Luo family and doesn’t hold her tongue back anymore. Her maid tries to counsel her. Now that Erniang has an adopted son, if she has the Luo family’s backing then her days will get better, but Erniang said she would rather die than depend on them and then she coughs up blood.

Shiyi confirms Erniang’s words, that she had once tried to run away from the marriage with the Xu family, but then her mother died. Lingyi accurately guesses that she only went along with the marriage afterwards because she suspected the Xu family for the death of her mother and wanted to investigate from within. Thus, she never saw him as someone trustworthy. He is deeply hurt by this revelation. He thinks her only feelings for him are guilt and gratitude. She chases after him to explain, but Xu Yu comes to ask Lingyi to visit Concubine Wen because it is her birthday. He agrees and walks off with him. Shiyi is sad and goes to walk in the gardens despite the impending rain.

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