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Transmigrated into a School Idol 12

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Chapter 12 – Hand Caught By Red Line

He Yan looked at the gentle countenance of the person in front of him, which was completely different from the past.

Suddenly, a cool hand cupped the back of his hand and guided it up from the side of his body. Then an even cooler piece of jade dropped into the hollow of his palm.

A ripple passed through his tranquil eyes.

Yu Bai Zhou placed the jade pendant back into the hand of its owner. Just as he was about to turn around, something tightened around his finger.
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Turning back, he realized that the red string on the jade pendant had somehow gotten caught around his ring finger. His clear eyes curved and he smiled in embarrassment at He Yan. He quickly unraveled the red string from his ring finger and returned it to He Yan.

He Yan’s fingers stroked the red string that Yu Bai Zhou handed over, and his dark brown eyes deepened.

Yu Bai Zhou turned around and looked at Sun Tian Shuo who was detained by Tu Gao Ming.

Sun Tian Shuo’s eyes met Yu Bai Zhou’s eyes. His heart bottomed out and his words came out a little floaty, “Young Master Yu, what, what do you mean by this?”

Yu Bai Zhou slipped his hands into his pockets, “No particular meaning. You were too noisy over here. It’s affecting the other students’ lunchtime.”

Seeing that Sun Tian Shuo didn’t say anything for a long time, Tu Gao Ming tightened his grip on the back of his shoulder, “Are you looking for death? Hurry up and apologize to our boss!”

Although Sun Tian Shuo could be regarded as a person with some face among the student population, in front of a real big man like Yu Bai Zhou, he knew that he was nothing in comparison, and he did not have the confidence to dare yell at Yu Bai Zhou.

A wise man knew better than to fight when the odds were against him.

Before Tu Gao Ming really started to hit him, Sun Tian Shuo quickly took the initiative to apologize to Yu Bai Zhou. After apologizing, he took his people away from the scene.
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Yu Bai Zhou motioned to Tu Gao Ming, who stepped forward to stop Sun Tian Shuo.

Tu Gao Ming said fiercely, “Where do you think you’re going? Did our boss let you go?”

Sun Tian Shuo heard this and sweat started dripping down his face. He looked at Yu Bai Zhou, “Young Master Yu…”

Yu Bai Zhou said calmly: “Apologize.”

Sun Tian Shuo said sorry to Yu Bai Zhou again.

“Wrong.” Yu Bai Zhou pointed to He Yan. “Not to me, but to him.”

After hearing these words, everyone, including Tu Gao Ming, was shocked.

The disagreement between Yu Bai Zhou and He Yan was well known throughout the entire school. Yu Bai Zhou protecting He Yan at this time was abnormal.

Seeing everyone’s dumbfounded expressions, Yu Bai Zhou, who was unaware of the situation, was somewhat baffled.

But he didn’t think too much about it. He pointed to the plate broken into pieces on the floor and said to Sun Tian Shuo: “Didn’t you knock his plate onto the floor? Then apologize.”

Sun Tian Shuo didn’t dare to ask too much. Right now, face or whatever was not important anymore. He hurriedly apologized to He Yan. Then under Yu Bai Zhou’s command, he cleaned up the broken plate and spilled food on the floor. Finally he was permitted to leave. He did not dare stay for an extra second. Without delay, he led his posse of boys away.

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After Sun Tian Shuo left, Che Cong scattered the crowd of people who had gathered around to watch the show in an orderly manner. The cafeteria returned to calm.

Tu Gao Ming and the girl walked over to Yu Bai Zhou.

Yu Bai Zhou looked back at He Yan, thinking that he was just a high school student who was seventeen or eighteen years old. When he met with the bad situation just now, he would definitely feel aggrieved even if he had a strong heart.

“That, just now…”

He only spoke up to here when he saw He Yan’s back leaving the wall. Holding the jade pendant in the palm of his hand, he brushed past Yu Bai Zhou.

Except for the gentle breeze that brushed against the side of Yu Bai Zhou’s face, and the faint fragrance left behind, He Yan did not say a word to Yu Bai Zhou.

Yu Bai Zhou watched He Yan’s broad back getting farther and farther away, and he was somewhat unable to recover his senses.

Tu Gao Ming looked at He Yan. He opened his mouth and scolded the other boy in anger, “WTF! That stupid c*nt really knows how to shit on a person’s kindness! Someone else helped him out, and he didn’t even say a word of thanks before leaving!”

The girl also held her hands with a speechless face towards He Yan. Than she said softly to Yu Bai Zhou: “Young Master Yu, don’t lower yourself to that strange person’s level.”

Tu Gao Ming’s anger quickly went away, and then he solicited Yu Bai Zhou’s opinion. “Boss, do you want me to catch up with him and give him a beating?”

Yu Bai Zhou thought about it and generously said: “Forget it.”

Tu Gao Ming knew that their boss had never liked He Yan, so he really couldn’t understand why his boss just helped He Yan.

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