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Transmigrated into a School Idol 13

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Chapter 13 – Hand Caught By Red Line

Tu Gao Ming wasn’t someone who could hold himself back, so he asked, “Boss, why did you help He Yan just now?”

Yu Bai Zhou was startled.

When Yu Bai Zhou graduated from junior high school and entered high school, due to poor family conditions and his introverted personality, he was bullied a lot. At that time, he had no friends, so he could only bury his head in his studies, and in the end he became one of the top scorers.

At first, he thought that his position as the top student could ameliorate his original situation somewhat, but the fact was, when people wanted to bully others, they could find a variety of reasons. When his grades became good, narrow-minded students despised him and saw him as a weak bookworm to be bullied.

Yu Bai Zhou didn’t want to cause trouble, but the more he looked at He Yan, the more he saw in him the shadow of his old self, and in the end he could not help standing up for the other student.

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Of course, Yu Bai Zhou could not say it like this to Tu Gao Ming, so he found another way to say, “That group of people were too rowdy. Wasn’t it too noisy? I just want to have a quiet meal, don’t think too much, it was just a good turn done in passing.”

Tu Gao Ming said in a bad mood: “But a good turn done in passing is still a good turn! Not to mention He Yan wasn’t even a little bit grateful. It’s makes lao zi so angry!”

It’s true that Yu Bai Zhou did not expect He Yan to have this kind of attitude when he helped out, but he helped already, so that’s that.

He bullied him once, and helped him out once; it just so happened to balance each other out.

After this, they would not have any more connection with each other.

Yu Bai Zhou took his hands out of his pockets and patted Tu Gao Ming on the shoulder, comforting him: “Don’t be angry anymore. Let’s go, I’ll treat you guys to a Coke.”

As they walked, Tu Gao Ming said, “I don’t drink Coke, I want to drink Sprite.”

Yu Bai Zhou smiled, “Okay.”

Yu Bai Zhou found that although Tu Gao Ming was a member of the school hegemony group, his heart did not seem to be so bad. At least, unlike the people he had seen before, his character was honest, so Yu Bai Zhou gave him a nickname in his heart—Tie Han Han*.

[*T/N: 铁 tie = iron; 憨 han = silly / simpleminded. I might translate this as Iron Fool or something if it comes up again in the future.]

Evening self-study was Chinese, and the teacher who taught Chinese was a kind old teacher, whose relationship with all the students was pretty good.

In Chinese, asides from reading and memorizing, there really wasn’t much else to do, so evening self-study for Chinese was largely up to the students to freely plan their studies. Students who favored a particular subject could even do work from those subjects.

He Yan came to class and sat at a position obliquely behind Yu Bai Zhou. The fourth group was in the last row parked against the corridor. Halfway through the evening self-study, Cheng Jia Hui came and called He Yan out of the room.

Yu Bai Zhou was too focused on reading a literature magazine, so he didn’t know until Tu Gao Ming came over with his high school composition book and started talking into his ear.

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“Cheng Jia Hui usually likes good students, but just now, when I saw her calling He Yan out, her expression was not good at all. I guess it was because He Yan skipped class yesterday afternoon. Poison Tongue Cheng must be here to settle the score with He Yan this time. According to Poison Tongue Cheng’s character, He Yan will definitely be scolded.”

Yu Bai Zhou found that Tu Gao Ming seemed to be very concerned about He Yan, and he was just about to ask why, but he swallowed back his words within the next few seconds.

Right now, he was not that familiar with the plot, if he asked this all of a sudden and accidentally asked the wrong thing, it might make Tu Gao Ming suspicious and ask him for an explanation.

So he said, “Xiao Tu, ah. Don’t worry about other people’s business. Look over your composition, and try to pass the Chinese exam next time.”

Tu Gao Ming’s gossip fire was ruthlessly extinguished.

Tu Gao Ming remembered something and said, “Oh, yes, there’s one more thing. Yesterday, Brother Li asked me to ask you if you’re going out this weekend. If you’re going out, then he’s going to decline the feast at home.”
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Yu Bai Zhou didn’t know who this Brother Li was, so he shook his head and said: “Not going anymore. Help me give him my response.”

“You’re really not going?”


Tu Gao Ming stopped talking, and after thinking about it, he still said: “All right.”

He hoped that Brother Li would not be angry.

Yu Bai Zhou continued to read the magazine. After a while, the girl at the front table turned around with a piece of paper in hand and asked him a math question.

Yu Bai Zhou glanced at the subject and found that it was a function question. It was quite simple. It was habitual to pick up a pen and teach.

But when the pen tip was about to touch the test paper, Yu Bai Zhou paused. Then he put the pen down and smiled at the girl apologetically, “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”

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