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Chapter 13 – The Things I Want to Give to You (5.1)

“Where could An Ji have gone?”

Inside the An family’s mansion, Xu Jing’an was circling around and around in the drawing room like a headless chicken.

“Do you think it’s because we’re not enthusiastic enough towards him? Or did we scare him away by talking too much? Or perhaps he doesn’t like the marriage we arranged for him?”

“Hey, old man*, say something, ah! Is your head just filled with mecha?” Xu Jing’an slapped her husband on the back and said angrily, “We lost our son for so long, are you not anxious at all?”

[*T/N: 老头子 lao tou zi – a way to address one’s aging husband. Informal.]

“Who says I’m not anxious?” The man on the sofa opened his eyes. He enunciated each and every word, “While you were pacing around like a headless chicken, I was arranging for people to perform a global search for An Ji’s location on the optical computer.”

Xu Jing’an: “Then where is he?”

An Yanming: “…”

Xu Jingan rolled her eyes gracefully. She was so pissed that she was about to erupt like a volcano.

“Mother, drink some water first. Calm down or it’ll be bad for your health.” Just when it looked like swords and bows were about to be drawn, a youngster came over with a cup of water.

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The youth was dressed gorgeously and his behavior was elegant, but it was unfortunate that there was a gleam of calculation hidden in his eyes, which dragged down the aura of his temperament.

“After all, Big Brother An Ji has lived on the Junk Star for many years. Coming back so suddenly, perhaps he is not used to the Capital Star’s environment and that’s why he wants to go back.”

Xu Jing’an glanced at her adopted son with a complicated expression.

After An Ji and An Can went missing, she had adopted this boy into the family. When he was young he was so adorable and cute, but unfortunately the older he got the deeper his thoughts became. He was an adept schemer and he did not seem to possess a magnanimous demeanor at all.

Just listen to what he had said. What kind of words were those? What did he mean by [An Ji] being used to life on the Junk Star and not wanting to live on the flourishing Capital Star?

On a normal day, Xu Jing’an would try to teach him, but today she was really jittery, so her expression went cold and she said straightforwardly, “Back then, I brought you here from the Junk Star, but I didn’t see you rejecting the Capital Star’s environment.”

Her words were so blunt that they were a bit hard to take. For a moment, An Ning looked as shocked as if someone had smashed a plate of salad into his face.

It took him a while to re-adjust his mood. He smiled obsequiously, “That’s because Mom and Dad are very kind to me, so I want to stay and repay your kindness.”

Xu Jing’an: “So you’re saying that I treat An Ji poorly?”

An Ning: “…”

How was he supposed to follow up on that?

This adoptive mother of his was always easy to get along with. She was carefree to the point of being stupid. He never thought that she would be like an exploding barrel with a short fuse today.

An Ning was having troubling keeping the fake smile on his face. He still wanted to say more, but Xu Jing’an ordered the robot butler beside her: “Annie, it’s time for An Ning’s bedtime.”

“Yes, Master.” A white and round robot came over. “Young Master An Ning, it is time to go to sleep now.”

Finally, the elegance on An Ning’s face could no longer be maintained. He hadn’t achieved his goal today, so it was absolutely impossible for him to leave in vain.

An Ning grabbed the corner of Xu Jing’an’s clothes, and said urgently: “How about we cancel Big Brother An Ji’s engagement. Then he will come back!”

“Although it hasn’t been announced to the public yet, how can a royal engagement be cancelled so easily?” Xu Jing’an waved her hand, “You don’t have to worry about these things. You’re about to go to college, so you should prepare yourself instead.”

“Why not? The engagement was with the An family and not An Ji specifically!” An Ning blurted out. “If Brother really doesn’t want to do it, then let me do it!”

Xu Jing’an looked up at An Ning. She finally realized what her adopted son was scheming. In an instant she became even more annoyed.

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“Don’t mention this matter again in the future,” Xu Jing’an said firmly, “Go to bed by yourself.”

An Ning opened his mouth, wanting to say something else, but then he saw the other party’s serious expression, and he could only give up. With a face full of unwillingness, he left.

In the living room, Xu Jing’an rubbed the center of her brows, and said with a tired face: “If this continues, I’m going to get more wrinkles.”

“Why are you quibbling with an adopted son?” An Yanming opened his eyes and said in a steady voice, “If you don’t like him then just send him away.”

“We’ll talk about it later.” Xu Jing’an sighed. She has been raising that boy for over ten years after all, so naturally she’s developed some affection for him.

Back then she had indeed adopted An Ning and An Yao as replacements for her two lost children. Although she later changed her mind and there was no shortage of growth and education, she still felt ashamed. An Yao was fine, but An Ning really gave her a headache…

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