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This Alpha’s Pheromones 86

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Chapter 86 – I’ll Sleep With Qiu Jin

On the stove sat a few ears of pitch-black corn. They had been grilled too much and had turned into charcoal.

Qiu Jin said: “It’s just a few ears of corn. There’s still more outside.”

“It’s not about the corn,” Geng Leyue said angrily. “He’s been like this ever since he was a child. He deliberately goes against me about everything.”

Been like this since childhood?

Qiu Jin was surprised: “You guys are childhood sweethearts?”

“Who is a childhood sweetheart with him!”

“Who is a childhood sweetheart with him!”

Unanimous double negative answers mean affirmation.

After shouting loudly, Ji Qisheng couldn’t keep moping [about the burnt corn]. He braced himself and said bravely, “…I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t know the fire was so big.”

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Seeing that Geng Leyue was about to say something else, Qiu Jin opened his mouth first. He patted Ji Qisheng on the back and said: “How about you go out and bring back a few more?”

This time the corn did not get messed up. The yellow corn was lightly charred and smelled very fragrant. The texture was soft and al dente. The two of them were tit-for-tat just a moment ago, but now they were nibbling on corn together with a smile.

Le sigh. He really was a kid.

As the sun slowly sunk beyond the horizon, the last guest finally arrived.

A slightly fat old man came over with a suitcase. He started shouting even when he was quite a fair distance away, “Is there any pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang?”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this voice, and raised their heads to look.

The final guest turned out to be Bai Tang?

The food critic that you couldn’t even request [to attend an event] with a boatload of money? The person that could make a restaurant famous with just a word of praise? The one with a poisonous mouth and an even sharper tongue? That Bai Tang?

Such a picky and fussy golden tongue, how did they get him to come on a variety show?

Hearing Bai Tang’s question, Qiu Jin was a little embarrassed: “I’m sorry, there is no meat today.”

Bai Tang: “…”

Bai Tang was shocked. The filming crew had tricked him to come with the promise of meat!

Afraid that this big shot would turn around and leave in a fit of anger, Shan Wen hurriedly chimed in: “But tomorrow, after breaking the corn, we can exchange it for money to buy meat in the town. It’s fifty yuan a box!”

In the end, Bai Tang stayed and ate two large bowls of rice for dinner.

After the meal, Shan Wen chatted with Bai Tang while washing the fruit.

“Bai-laoshi, people on the Internet all say that you only eat food delivered by air transport. Is that true?”

“That’s the media writing without basis.” Bai Tang raised his eyebrows. “There is a premise behind that saying, and that is I only eat fresh ingredients. If it’s an ingredient from overseas, then in order to ensure the freshness, I will only eat it if it’s delivered by air transport.”

“So the main point is not about the price and rarity, right?”

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“Of course. Our ancestors say that seasonal and fresh food is the most delicious.” Bai Tang pointed at the corn that has been nibbled clean. “Even if you’re boiling corn with just water, there is no need to add anything else or do anything elaborate. Being fresh is enough.”

Shan Wen nodded. He felt the same way. “Fresh ingredients are the purest delicacy.”

Bai Tang picked up a freshly washed peach from the bowl: “Just like this peach, in order to maintain long-distance transportation, it is often picked raw and then ripened. If you see it at the supermarket, it’s probably been picked for more than a week, so they’re pretty bland, hardly like a peach.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“But the peach that I have in my hand is different. I picked it from the tree ten minutes ago. Look at it, the rich aroma is about to burst out.” Bai Tang explained while turned the peach towards the camera. “Fruits of this maturity are never going to be in supermarkets because they tend to rot within the second day of transport.”

Many people around began to secretly swallow their saliva. Bai-laoshi was so eloquent. Not going on live broadcast to sell fruit was simply a waste. An ordinary peach could sound so delicious when described by him.

Qiu Jin was already full, but after hearing what Bai Tang said, he couldn’t help but go over to a tree to pick a peach.

The inside of the peach was already ripe. The skin broke with just the slightest squeeze and the delicious juice flowed out. Qiu Jin’s hand was drenched in peach juice. Not wanting to waste it, he stuck out his tongue and directly licked up the juice.

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