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Didn’t Love You Enough 11

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Chapter 11 – Royal Snack Kitchen

After leaving Xi Li Palace Hall, Lin momo carefully looked at Lin An Zhu who followed her. “An Zhu, what is your real name? Where are you from? Where is your family?”

“Replying to momo’s words, this slave’s original name is Lin Jia Bao. I am from Lin Jia Village, which is not far from Pei County.” Lin Jia Bao was now called Lin An Zhu, but he still liked the name that his father and mother gave him. However, Xi momo said that the name An Zhu was elegant and pleasant to the ears.

“Jia Bao, ah. It’s a good name. However, the palace has its own rules, so from now on you can only be called An Zhu.” Lin momo verified the information and confirmed that she didn’t pick the wrong person.

“An Zhu understands,” An Zhu nodded obediently.

“So good and obedient! You don’t have to be afraid. You see, we both have the surname Lin, so it counts as a type of fate. We are now going to the Royal Snack Kitchen in Yong Shou Palace. It’s a place dedicated to making desserts for the empress. The daily work is not much. There are also three palace maids who will work with you there. They are all easy to get along with.”

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Momo, I will study hard and do things seriously.” Lin Jia Bao looked up with his small face.

“En, good child.” Lin momo touched the top of his head.

Lin momo led Lin Jia Bao along the long palace road, and they arrived at the kitchen area of the Royal Snack Kitchen.

“Lin momo, you’re back.” Yu Long stepped forward and looked at Lin Jia Bao, who was behind Lin momo.

Momo, momo, is this a newcomer?” Yu Ling asked curiously.

“Yes, this is palace attendant, An Zhu, a new addition to our Royal Snack Kitchen.” Lin momo introduced Lin Jia Bao. “This is Yu Shuang, Yu Long, and Yu Ling.”

“Nice to meet you, Yu Shuang jie jie. Nice to meet you, Yu Long jie jie. Nice to meet you, Yu Ling jie jie.” Lin Jia Bao greeted them one by one.

[*T/N: jie jie means “older sister,” doesn’t have to be blood related, can be used as a courtesy towards any older female]

“Haha, I’m finally not the youngest anymore. An Zhu, how old are you, ah?” Yu Ling asked.

“Twelve years old.” Lin Jia Bao looked at Yu Ling with his big eyes.

“Twelve years old, ah. You’re so small and cute, ah! Ya, you also have dimples,” Yu Ling said and pinched the small face.

“All right now, don’t bully the newcomer, go and do work, ba. Yu Shuang, you first take An Zhu to his room to put his things down and get settle in,” Lin momo said to Yu Shuang.


Yu Shuang took Lin Jia Bao out of the kitchen and came to the residences in the back. He was taken to a single room. “This will be your room from now on. Put your things away first. Then take a look to see if there’s anything missing and let me know, okay?”

Lin Jia Bao looked at his new room. The room was not big, but it was clean. There was a small bed and a wardrobe in the room. Near the window, there was a table and a chair. There were beautiful patterns on these furniture, everything was complete, and the bedding was also new.

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Lin Jia Bao looked and said happily, “The room is very good, there is nothing missing.”

“Then put your thing away and I will take you around to get familiar with the environment,” Yu Shuang said. She also liked how cute and obedient An Zhu was.

After getting familiar with the new surroundings, Lin Jia Bao took lunch with Lin momo and the others. The lunch here was very sumptuous, there was one non-vegetarian dish and three vegetarian dishes, and the flavor was also very good.

“We have a kitchen here. We go to the big kitchen to pick up the ingredients and come back here to cook it. Unlike some palaces, where their dishes are all cold by the time they get them.” Yu Ling said proudly.

“An Zhu, eat some more, ah.” Yu Shuang picked up some meat slices and gave them to An Zhu.

“En en, thank you, Yu Shuang jie jie.” Lin Jia Bao expressed his thanks with bulging cheeks.

Everyone saw this cute appearance of his and smiled.

In the afternoon, Lin Jia Bao entered the Royal Snack Kitchen. After washing his hands clean, he stayed on the side watching Lin momo make snacks.

Lin momo had him watch first. She explained to him what she was doing while she worked.

Yu Long pulled Yu Shuang off to one side. “Look, it’s only An Zhu’s first day here and you’re already below him in comparison.”

Yu Long was already jealous of Yu Shuang who received Lin momo’s hands-on teaching to learn how to make snacks, but what could she do, Yu Shuang’s talent for making snacks was better than her, so in the end she was respectful.

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But why did this ger child get everyone’s fondness on his first day here? Lin momo also attached great importance to him. An Zhu’s face was becoming offensive to her eyes.

Yu Shuang knew of Yu Long’s competitive nature and ignored her attempt at provocation. She just concentrated on doing her own thing.

Seeing Yu Shuang ignore her, Yu Long harrumphed.

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