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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.1

T/N: We’ve finally reached the last chapter of this side story. This is the longest chapter yet, so strap in and buckle up. A friendly notice: this chapter will be 12 parts in total. (Yes, it is indeed that much longer than the previous chapters.) I divide the chapters base on the Chinese word count, (refer to Q7 from FAQ for an extended explanation), and I haven’t read the raws yet, so if one of the parts end on a cliffhanger, please don’t come for me with pitchforks. I have to suffer that cliffhanger too, because I read the story as I translate. Thank you and enjoy the ride with me.

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Chapter 15.1 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

While Xue Zi Xuan was busying about, Zhou Yun Sheng had just arrived in London, England.

After buying some essential supplies, Zhou Yun Sheng went to Yorktown in Manchester, found a comfortable hotel, and got a good sleep. When he woke up he found a century-old shop to sample the available teas. Then, carrying his only property – a small backpack on his shoulders – he wandered around to visit York Minster.

This was a very Gothic-style building. It was gorgeous and solemn. The geometric lines were inlaid with colorful glass, which refracted sunlight into massive spots. Some people were praying, some people were singing hymns, and some people were lowering their heads in silent contemplation, but Zhou Yun Sheng’s mind was a complete blank when he looked up at the dome.

He was finally free of the villain system, but to be honest, he didn’t feel as happy as he had imagined. He suddenly felt at a loss. He didn’t know where to go or what to do. His whole person was empty and light, like rootless duckweed.

The solemn and quiet atmosphere in the church suffocated him. After sitting for ten minutes, he couldn’t stand it any more, so he quietly stood up and walked out.

The weather today was very good. Although it was a bit cold, the sun was very bright. He didn’t want to ride in a vehicle, so he stepped on the withered yellow leaves and walked back to the hotel one step at a time.

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The newly purchased coat was very thick, and the scarf was also very warm, but somehow he kept feeling like something was missing.

A couple walked pass arm in arm. The woman said something and then the man laughed and wrapped her up in his arms. The two elongated shadows on the ground merged into one.

Stepping on that shadow, Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly understood what he was missing: a warm embrace, two strong arms, heat blowing by his ears, and a weight hanging around his neck. The entanglement that he found annoying in the past was now a shining memory in his mind’s eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s face felt numb from the blowing wind. He wiped his face and didn’t let himself think about it anymore.

He walked a few steps quickly and passed by the golf course next to the hotel. He couldn’t help but think of the Xue manor, which was also located at a golf course. Xue Zi Xuan said that he would teach him how to play golf, but it looked like there would be no chance to do so in the future.

Damn it! Why was that man’s shadow everywhere?

With a low curse, Zhou Yun Sheng gripped the pale gray wool scarf and walked into the hotel.

The hotel room was very warm. He casually tossed his backpack to the side, lied down on a random sofa, put his legs up on the coffee table, and waited for someone to change his shoes for him.

The room was quiet. He could not hear the sounds of that person nagging or chuckling.

About a minute later, Zhou Yun Sheng realized that he had already left that place. From now on, there would be no one to help him change his shoes when he entered the door, no one to carry him to bed when he was tired, no one to soothe his body or mind when he felt empty or hollow, and no one to make good food for him when he was hungry.

He felt like there was grass growing in his heart. It was uncomfortable everywhere, no place was peaceful. Zhou Yun Sheng got up, resigned to his fate. He kicked off his sneakers and climbed into the bed with his newly bought laptop ot browse the domestic news.

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Sure enough, as he had expected, the Internet exploded. The news of his disappearance was distorted into a smoke screen. They said that the driver who crashed into someone was actually Huang Yi, and that the Xue family had his chauffeur Zhao Yin take the blame for him.

As soon as this remark came out, a crowd of people attacked the poster. Everyone said that the original poster had no IQ. Was it necessary to break his own leg in order to take the blame? How could there be such a person who would sacrifice themselves like that for their employer? Besides, when the fire brigade rescued the wounded from the car, the incident was broadcasted live, so how could it be faked?

The police immediately released a video of Zhao Yin stealing the car, proving that Huang Yi had nothing to do with the car crash.

Immediately after Xue Zi Xuan held a press conference. He brought his parents and sister out to apologize to the public for the murder case, and then he announced that Xue Rui had been expelled from all positions in the Xue family consortium, and that he would be taking over.

After that, the truth of the twin brother and sister’s heart-changing murder case finally came to light, and Huang Yi, who was forced to flee for his life, received the public’s sympathy.

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