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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 124

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Chapter 124 (41.1)


Seeing the weakly falling figure [of their captain], the team members all saw red. The striker was almost about to rush forward, but the deputy team leader firmly held him in place.

Yuan Zheng’s ability was naturally able to restrain zombies. It was an extremely precious ability in the post-apocalyptic days. But when faced with the same type of attacks, there was still no way to defend against gold and thunder abilities, which were famous for being indestructible.

Of course, in the post-apocalyptic days there would be wars between bases, but in these perilous end times, where danger lurked on every side, there was also tacit understanding between human beings. Seldom would people fight to their last gasp like this.

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They encountered such an unruly ambush and were beaten for half the night without any reason; thus, the team members accumulated endless anger. Just as they were about to recklessly charge forward, the figure that was half-kneeling on the ground was standing back up again with difficulty.

“No one is allowed to come over.”

Yuan Zheng’s voice was a little muffled, but his tone was still calm. He slowly straightened his body with his back to the group members, and a dazzling fire suddenly spread from behind him.

He wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and looked at the thunder ability user with a complex expression on his face. His gaze was calm and undisturbed. He lifted his hand and a ball of golden flames blazed from the hollow of his palm.

“I don’t know who you are or what is your purpose for ambushing us. But I won’t allow you to pass this line.”

The scorching flames were reflected in everyone’s eyes. It almost burned their already dry eyes. They were ready to fight against these ambushers as if their lives depended on it.

The doctor shuttled back and forth amidst the artillery barrage. He was busy treating the wounded people on their side. He suddenly found someone rummaging through his medical box. He turned the other person around and realized that he was looking at a familiar face.

“Xiao Shi, what’s wrong, did you get hurt somewhere?!”

It was hard to make out any injuries under the night sky. The doctor immediately tensed up. He supported Su Shi with his hands and inspected him from head to toe.

“If you’re injured, you have to say it. Don’t try to tough it out, understand?”

“I’m fine…”

After finally digging out the roll of medical tape, Su Shi hurried gave a curt answer to the doctor. Then he turned around and slipped into the darkness again.

His tone didn’t sound right, and the doctor became more worried before trying to catch up, but the shouts of his teammates came from behind him.

The deputy team leader was supporting the sniper, and there was a large patch of blood on his shoulder. Dizzy with blood lost, the sniper stumbled and half fell to the ground. The deputy team leader pulled him over to the doctor with much difficulty.

Su Shi’s figure disappeared into the night. The doctor gritted his teeth and walked over quickly. He held on to his seriously injured teammate and his palms glowed with bright white light.

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It was a sudden ambush after all. The opposite side had the advantage in terms of equipment and strength. The situation became less and less optimistic, and everyone had already suffered a lot of wounds.

Yuan Zheng’s chest rose and fell fiercely, but he still refused to step back. The thunder ability user looked at him with some regrets in his eyes, and silently raised his right hand.

Dazzling thunder condensed in the palm of his hand. It was unexpectedly even bigger than any previous attack. It’s oppressive and terrifying aura also grew little by little.

“S grade…”

Yuan Zheng narrowed his eyes. His surprise was fleeting, but a faint smile of relief appeared in his eyes, and he stood up straight again with difficulty.

“I never thought that I would die by the hands of a S-grade ability user. Exactly what kind of person was able to get you to ambush us?”

“You do not need to know,” the thunder ability user said in a low voice.

The electric light was condensed to the utmost. It chirped unceasingly with the sound of its power within the man’s hand. He pointed his hand in the direction of his opponent, and then that ball of light shot towards Yuan Zheng.

With his body on the verge of collapse, Yuan Zheng sighed lightly, but calmed down, closing his eyes and waiting for the final conclusion.

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