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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 152

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Chapter 152

Yuan Zheng looked at Su Shi with such a focused gaze, as he if wanted to engrave his image deeply into his mind.

Su Shi took his hand and looked at him earnestly, “If you miss me, then cook some vegetables for yourself.”

Just as Yuan Zheng was about to speak, he found his words choked back by Su Shi’s sentence. He opened his mouth, agape and tongue-tied. Finally he couldn’t help but let out a laugh and lowered his head helplessly against Su Shi’s neck.

Yuan Zheng’s short hair was a little stiff. It poked Su Shi and made him feel itchy. Unable to hold back, Su Shi raised his hand to press down the hair, but it looked like he was patting Yuan Zheng’s head.

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The arms around him tightened abruptly, and something warm spread silently around his neck.

Su Shi’s eyes darkened, and he slowly hugged the body in front of him.

He tried hard to dispel the haze for the other party, but he couldn’t dispel the sadness of every parting.

“Don’t tell others about this…”

Su Shi took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and finally calmed down: “Don’t tell anyone, okay?”

Suddenly realizing what the other party was doing, Yuan Zheng tightened his arms and said hoarsely, “Why?”

“I don’t need them to accept me, I am saving the world, not the people in the world. Just let them think I am the Son of Hell. Even if I no longer exist, I am happy to have shadows and fears still linger in their hearts.”

Su Shi slumped within Yuan Zheng’s arms. His voice gradually lowered: “Everyone in the patrol team, and the people in the Unbounded City, I don’t want them to know that I have left…”


Yuan Zheng spoke softly. He straightened up again, lifted Su Shi’s face, and pressed a light kiss onto him. A gentle smile suddenly appeared in his eyes.

“As it turns out my thoughts are the same as yours.”

He took out a letter from his pocket and placed it on the table. Then he picked Su Shi up, held him firmly, and jumped out of the window.

Su Shi was slightly startled by the sudden feeling of rapidly falling. He broke free from his drowsiness and grabbed on to the other person’s clothes.

“What are you planning to do?”

Yuan Zheng just held on to him firmly. He lowered his head and gave Su Shi a deep kiss. Then he activated his S-grade mental abilities and left Base B with a few high jumps. They landed in the center of the Bloodthirsty Forest.

There was already a weak little seedling planted there.

A pale green light surrounded every tiny bud on the seedling. Its tender leaves were stretching out silently. But because of the dim sunlight during these post-apocalyptic times, the light of the seedling could hardly penetrate through the Bloodthirsty Forest, and the growth of the plant was extremely slow.

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Carrying Su Shi in his arms, Yuan Zheng took a few steps forward, and then crouched down beside the seedling. He reached out his hand and lightly stroked the plant.

The leaf seemed to be tickled by Yuan Zheng and it shifted away in avoidance, but it also seemed reluctant to leave the warmth emitting from Yuan Zheng’s palm, so it cautiously moved back and bumped against the man’s hand.

Yuan Zheng met Su Shi’s gaze and smiled lightly. He held Su Shi’s hand. The crystal nucleus left the body and brilliant light was suddenly spreading everywhere.

The seedling seemed to have suddenly found the source of its strength and it could not wait to absorb the precious light. It quickly sprouted and grew. In the blink of an eye it was already blooming with verdant leaves.

“You’ll turn into the plants and trees, and I will be your light.”

He released his powers without reservation. The power of the fire element was stripped away, and the pure crystal nucleus representing the light merged into the pale green light of the seedling.

Yuan Zheng’s figure suddenly trembled slightly.

On the line between life and death, it seemed like something that was imprisoned was suddenly released.

Vivid memories inundated him like a flood. Yuan Zheng’s complexion turned pale. He lowered his eyes and saw Su Shi’s pure black eyes. Only then did he look relieved.

“I’ve found you. Come back with me, okay?”

Su Shi was startled and looked up at him.

Yuan Zheng’s image was completely overlapped with the one from his memories. His breathing abruptly quickened. Although his vision quickly dimmed uncontrollably, warmth suddenly couldn’t stop welling up.

“What a coincidence, came to save a world, and yet you were able to find me.”

His consciousness became blurred. Intense tiredness completely enveloped his entire body. He closed his eyes, leaned into the familiar warm embrace, and finally relaxed into the silent darkness.

Yuan Zheng hugged him tightly. His fingertips stroked Su Shi’s delicate sleeping face, and then a brilliant golden flame suddenly ignited.

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Holding the man who was soundly asleep in his arms, he strode into the flames, and his figure disappeared quietly.

“Yes, what a coincidence, came to find a person, yet [I] managed to save a world…”

The sun rose again.

Yuan Zheng and Mu Shi disappeared from this world at the same time, leaving behind only a letter and a vigorous seedling.

In the letter, it only said that the two of them were going out to find some hope of restoring the world back to its previous state. Their return date was uncertain. He specifically instructed that there was no need to explain everything and to properly arrange all the follow-up matters.

The patrol team members didn’t know what to think. They could only more or less complain about the captain and Little Log leaving too abruptly. Only the deputy team leader was stunned and shocked by the news for a long time. Then he suddenly left the base alone and took a trip to the Bloodthirsty Forest.

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