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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 9

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Chapter 9

Su Shi had been detained for one day and one night.
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As the empire’s marshal and one with an extensive record of evils, there was certainly no good treatment for him in the hands of the insurgents.

He was not given food or water, and he had to endure the cold. His injuries were still faintly oozing blood. His life value – a.k.a. health points – had fallen to sixty. He was hanging on the edge. He took a bit of melted snow to moisten his throat and pillowed his head on his arm to rest.

For the evaluation of [shouldering the blame till death], the system prohibited any suicidal behavior. But if he was carelessly killed by the insurgents, who were filled with righteous indignation, then it would undoubtedly be a tragic ending.

In that case, maybe the rating would be higher.

Thinking this way, it was a little bit better for Su Shi, who was inexplicably forgiven by the protagonist.

His original plan was to secretly help Wayne build a new country. Then along with all the misunderstandings he would be smeared with a lot of terrible names. In the end, he would be buried in the darkness before the dawn of the new country.

Looking at it now, the difficulty of implementing this plan was quite high. However, if he were to withdraw his hand now, and if Wayne could seize this chaotic period of the government to deliver a heavy blow, there might be some hope of obtaining victory.

Anyway, as long as he died in the dark before the dawn, then it seemed that there wasn’t much difference in how he fell.

The heavens have gone dark again. Through the gaps in the dilapidated roof, one could see the sparse starlight.

Su Shi relaxed his body as he lay on his arm and sighed very lightly. He could not help letting out a sleepy yawn.
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There was not a single part of his body that was not in pain. The cold had caused a high fever to burn through his body, and his vision was a bit fuzzy. The night sky illuminated by soft light was unexpectedly beautiful.

After five years of hard work, asides from those days in a coma after suffering serious injury, he had not enjoyed such a relaxed treatment for a long time.

With his current physical condition, if he slept now, he may not be able to wake up again.

Perhaps this was also good. Since he has inextricably re-engaged with the protagonist, things were getting out of control. If things continued this way, he may not even retain the experience points he earned.

His consciousness was dimming and his body was getting colder. Su Shi instinctively curled up his body and coughed twice. He faintly heard the sound of the door being pushed open.

A couple of high-ranking military officers from the insurgent army suddenly rushed in.

Su Shi could not react in time. The red-eyed youth heading the pack picked him up and pressed him firmly against the wall. “You traitor, you must pay for His Royal Highness Wayne with your life!”

“What did you say?”

His bleary consciousness that was about to slip into the abyss suddenly recovered. Su Shi’s gaze narrowed and he immediately woke up. “What about Wayne? Did something happen to him?”

His fiercely beating heart made it hard to breath. His cheeks were still flushed with fever while his lips were a pale color.

Things have already progressed to this point. If the mission failed here, then he must turn around and go directly to the presidential palace.
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“Al, wait a second.”

The young man who came in after stopped the actions of his comrade. He looked at him thoughtfully, and spoke in a heavy tone, “News just came from the presidential palace that His Royal Highness died from fatal wounds. In order to clear suspicion as soon as possible, the body had been secretly transported out of the presidential palace.”

Su Shi returned to his senses. He urgently checked on the protagonist’s status and found that he was still alive and kicking. Then he sighed in relief. His head lowered as he pondered exactly what was going on.

The young man with sorrowful eyes, who was called Al, tightened his grip on Su Shi. “What are we waiting for? Since the Terence government can do this, then we can also kill Daniel, and have him pay for His Highness Wayne with his life!”

“Nightingale, has the news been spread?”

This bit of effort was enough to sort out the situation. Su Shi’s tone was heavy. He couldn’t care about the suffocating force around his throat. He was gazing at the man who spoke before.

Su Shi knew everything about the insurgent army like the back of his hand. The real name of the youth was Carter. He was a civilian. He was a junior in the military academy with him and Wayne. He was the brain of the insurrection army.

At this time, the only one who could control the situation was probably him.

At the familiar form of address, the youth’s pupils shrink to pinpricks. He looked at Su Shi for half a day with palpitating fear, and finally hesitatedly opened his mouth. “Yes, Dan- senior.”

“You listen, there are people in the government who want to replace me. They will deliberately release this kind of news to incite you to anger and have you kill me in desperate revenge for Wayne.”

The short duration of strength that he saved up was all exhausted. Daniel struggled to raise his hand to hold Al’s arm. It was mostly by the other’s strength that he was barely able to support his body and not slip onto the ground.

“I can guarantee that Wayne is still alive. There must be an ambush in the presidential palace. If you don’t have the leadership of Wayne, then it is equivalent to finding your own way. What you have to do, you should already know in your hearts…”

Su Shi wasn’t afraid of these people killing him. He was afraid that they would be blinded by anger and rushed the presidential palace with hot-blooded boldness only to die senselessly.

His mission was based on the success of the uprising. If this time the insurgents were hit hard, even if he dodged his death, the mission would still be a failure.

The clear worries in his eyes finally had no more disguise. Su Shi gently gasped. His pale eyebrows were knotted tightly as he looked obsessively at Carter, who was still hesitating.

Al couldn’t understand his words. He slammed Su Shi on the wall with anxiety. “You said that Wayne is all right. Why should we believe you?!”

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