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This Alpha’s Pheromones 106

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Chapter 106 – Stunning the Audience (35.1)

However, it wasn’t just Ji Shenxiao and Qiu Jin who were curious about whose dong was bigger between the two of them. The netizens were even more interested in this topic.

When “All-Star Challenge” was officially broadcasted, the part about Qiu Jin’s big dong was cut out, but not too long after a video clip was secretly leaked out and circulated the net.

– Qiu Jin, are you the biggest dong in the entertainment industry or not? –

– Of course not, how can I be considered big? That’s because you guys haven’t seen President Ji’s [dong]. –

The netizens were curious to the extreme when they heard this remark.

Even Qiu Jin, who boasted that he had the biggest dong in the entertainment industry, felt inferior to Ji Shenxiao in this regard. Just how scary was Ji Shenxiao’s thing?

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It must be at least twenty centimeters or longer, right? And with a knot, it would be even bigger. The diameter must be five or six centimeters, right? No matter how wild the omega partner was, Ji Shenxiao must be able to do the other person until they can’t get out of bed.


Then the netizens came up with a top ten list for who has the biggest dong in the entertainment industry.

There was no doubt that Ji Shenxiao was firmly in the first place. The attached picture was from the beach episode of “Four Seasons Food.” There was also a gif of Ji Shenxiao’s big dong circulating the net.

Qiu Jin was in second place. The accompanying picture was a super blurry image of him from “All-Star Challenge.”

Wen Mojia was in third place, with an image of him holding the female lead in a drama while his crotch area was protruding out.


There were many people who were unhappy, but there were many more people who were there to watch the drama unfold.

– What the f*ck? Even this kind of topic can make it to the hot search? What the heck is Weibo suggesting to me? –

– Are you guys asinine, or what? What is there to compare about this kind of thing?! Talking about the [censored] organs of male celebrities is really too lowbrow. –

– It’s not like we’re comparing it to yours, so what the heck are you bellyaching about? So what if I am just this shallow? A big goat is beautiful. Naturally, a big jiji is also beautiful. –

– I second that. Even when it is soft, it is cute. A soft, big lump, and two small peaches, it’s so lovable. It’s much cuter than a lipstick man. –

– I’m only 15 cm, sorry, I don’t deserve to be an alpha. –

– Hey dude, I can go for 15! Check out my private message! –


Ji Shenxiao had no idea that various YY* things about him were circulating on the Internet, and of course no one dared to mention this in front of him.

[*T/N: YY – Chinese slang, meaning to fantasize, to have sexual fantasies, to have unrealistic expectations, or to interpret things in narcissistic ways]

As a result, things were calm and quiet for a time.

Qiu Jin has long been accustomed to all kinds of rumors and slander. By now, he has learned to ignore it and not respond.

The one that was the most incredulous about the top ten dong ranking list was Wen Mojia.

He has always kept up the image of a domineering CEO, and from time to time, fans would post pictures of him bursting with alpha-ness.

As a domineering CEO, sexual ability was of course very important, but now he was being ranked third? It’s fine if Ji Shenxiao was above him, but now even Qiu Jin was being ranked above him?

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Seeing his gloomy complexion, the assistant quickly comforted him: “I heard that Qiu Jin always stuffs a sock or two down there. Why don’t you try it next time too?”

Wen Mojia: “Scram!”

Even while the assistant saw himself out, he still tried to appease his boss: “For real, how could someone as hypocritical as Qiu Jin be so big? It must be fake. Maybe he stuffed three socks down there!”

Wen Mojia looked in the mirror: “Really?”

As soon as he said this, he lost interest. This was too superficial. The netizens were just playing around for a while, so why was he taking it so seriously?

Forget it. Let’s focus on memorizing the script! This time, he finally got a script and a character role that were both particularly touching. He couldn’t mess it up for himself.

At the same time, Qiu Jin was also reading over his script. There was a script reading of “The Rise and Fall of the World” this Saturday.

The day before, Yang Chi specially called him to remind him, and also exhorted: “I’m not hoping for you to amaze the other stars with your acting skills or anything like that, just don’t be late.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

Qiu Jin wanted to tell the manager that he didn’t know anything about his acting prowess, but hearing how cautiously the other person was speaking to him, Qiu Jin silently swallowed this sentence into his stomach.

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Yang Chi also did not have it easy. He was probably the most humble and lowly manager.

The next day, Qiu Jin arrived half an hour early. At the door, he bumped into a tall and thin young man wearing sunglasses. The man had a high nose bridge and a cold white chin.

The other person glanced carelessly around the lounge, but suddenly halted when he saw Qiu Jin.

Always such an overreaction. Qiu Jin smiled and nodded at the other party, which could be considered a polite greeting.

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