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This Alpha’s Pheromones 99

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Chapter 99 – Gender Announcement

All eyes fell on Qiu Jin’s face.

Qiu Jin said word by word, “Just half a month ago, I differentiated into an omega.”


Deathly silence.

It was quieter than wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

In the drop-dead silence, Xiang Xi suddenly broke through the stillness with a “f*ck.”

Qiu Jin differentiated from an alpha to an omega… The sex change fan fiction that he read actually happened?!

An unbelievable thought suddenly popped into Xiang Xi’s mind: “Then will I become an alpha?!”

Everyone: “???”

Being stared at by so many people, Xiang Xi also realized that the pit in his brain was too big. He immediately restrained the abnormality on his face and said solemnly, “Don’t mind me, I’m just too surprised.”

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It was at this moment that Ji Qisheng finally knew what his big brother was going to do when he had Qiu Jin pressed against the chair last time! Could they have engaged in indescribable neck-biting behavior?

Ahhhhhh, so Qiu Jin is his sister-in-law?! That’s why his brother was rejecting him so much?

Ji Qisheng raised his head abruptly and thought these two people were really naughty, keeping him in the dark like that.

Geng Leyue had an expression of watching an amusing show at first, until he heard Ji Qisheng call Qiu Jin “sister-in-law.” In a flash, he felt that something was not right.

“You’ve become an omega, but you’re still sleeping with Ji Shenxiao?”

“What have you two been doing these days [while you’re alone together]?!”

Hearing what Geng Leyue said, Qiu Jin was also a little embarrassed. They really shouldn’t be sharing a room together. He hesitated for a moment, then subconsciously said: “We didn’t really do anything, just…”

“It has nothing to do with him,” Ji Shenxiao interrupted his confession, “It is I who want to sleep with him.”

Geng Leyue: “??”

The audience watching a show: “???”

Geng Leyue almost went crazy.

He had countless suitors around him since he was a child, but he liked Ji Shenxiao wholeheartedly, and even pursued him to this countryside variety show. He thought that he would have the opportunity to gain favorability in front of Ji Shenxiao, but he didn’t expect Ji Shenxiao to mingle with an alpha every day.

Whatever, at least it was an alpha, and it’s impossible to engage in alpha x alpha love.

But what about now?

He actually took the initiative to sleep with Qiu Jin. He pretended to be so cold and aloof in front of him, but who knew how hot things got behind closed doors?

Sure enough, all alphas are pig trotters!

After eating so many melons* in a row, the filming crew was both nervous and distressed. Nervous that they managed to film such a hot news item and distressed that this segment would definitely not be broadcasted. With Ji Shenxiao’s ability, anyone who secretly tried to spread this was likely to suffer huge consequences.

[*T/N: Eating melon is a Chinese metaphor meaning to watch a show.]

At this moment, Ji Shenxiao stood up with a calm expression, as if he was talking about an unimportant matter.

“I have Pheromone Reception Disorder. None of your pheromones will affect me, so don’t worry at all. Whether Qiu Jin is an alpha or an omega, it will not affect me at all.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was silent.

Geng Leyue wanted to say something, but he also noticed the strange atmosphere and swallowed his doubts.

After such a tossing, everyone was in no mood to continue the game, so they packed up and went back to their rooms to sleep.

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Qiu Jin didn’t feel sleepy after washing up, so he ran two laps on the road in the moonlight. The sea at night was dark, but it made people feel very calm.

When he came back, he saw two familiar figures in the small garden.

Ji Shenxiao and Geng Leyue stood face to face, with an arm’s length in between, which was a normal conversation distance. But for them to have a late night rendezvous in the small garden was something worth pondering. Even if they didn’t do anything, it was still very ambiguous.

What’s even more difficult was that if he wanted to enter the house, he was bound to disturb the two of them.

Qiu Jin didn’t have a hobby of eavesdropping. He planned to turn around and run another lap, when he heard Geng Leyue say, “Do you like Qiu Jin like that?”

Qiu Jin’s footsteps stagnated and his entire person froze right then and there.

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