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Transmigrated into a School Idol 2

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Chapter 2 – The Most Bewildered Male Lead in the World

The story information was not fully imported, so Yu Bai Zhou had to observe the passerby in front of him at his own discretion.

The passerby had slightly curly black hair. With his head half lowered, the bangs on his forehead covered most of his face, making it hard for Yu Bai Zhou to discern his appearance.
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Yu Bai Zhou was sitting on a stool, but he could still tell that the other person was tall in height. He might even be close to one point nine meters tall. His physique was also not thin and weak like most high school students. If his looks were not bad, then he would be the type that school girls liked.

Yu Bai Zhou sized up the person in front of him.

It stood to reason that most people would be scared if they knew that they were about to be treated with violence. Even begging for mercy would be expected. But this passerby was unperturbed, calm and collected. It didn’t feel like he was about to be beat up. Very strange. Yu Bai Zhou could not detect a single shred of panic from him. Instead he possessed a calmness that was different from his peers.

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From his side came the voice of Little Brother No. 1, “Boss, if we don’t sort out He Yan, this brat, and give him a good beating today, in the future he will be out of control.”

Little Brother No. 2 echoed: “That’s right. Just because he’s the top student he considers everyone else beneath him, looking down his nose at others. I didn’t like him from the get-go.”

It turned out that the passerby was called He Yan, and he was also the top student.

Little Brother No. 3 exaggeratedly raised the baseball bat in his hand, “Boss, as long as you give the order, we will proceed!”

Yu Bai Zhou looked at the baseball bat in Little Brother No. 3’s hand and became flustered. Calmly, he said, “Untie him.”

The group of little brothers: “???”

They obviously did not understand how their boss operated.

Yu Bai Zhou saw that all the little brothers were not moving, so he jumped off his chair, and walked over to He Yan to untie him.

Being the leader of a group on campus felt very cool indeed, but Yu Bai Zhou hadn’t degenerated to the point where he needed to bully those weaker than himself in order to be “cool.”

Moreover, he kept feeling like this person must be some important supporting role within the book.

The ropes were tied in a slipshod manner. Yu Bai Zhou untied them one by one. He felt that it wasn’t quite right to provoke someone and then let them go just like this, so he thought of sincerely apologizing to this person in place of the original host.

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Although it was the original host who did the wrong thing, he was the one inhabiting this body now and in the future, so he had to take responsibility for the mistakes made by the original host.

Just as Yu Bai Zhou was about to apologize, he lifted his gaze and met with the eyes of the other person. The apology stuck in his throat from fright.

Partially hidden behind bangs, those pitch-black eyes held traces of vicious currents.

The temperature around him seemed to drop several degrees.

Yu Bai Zhou watched as He Yan stood up and the ropes dropped off of his body. He Yan then picked up a pair of black-framed glasses that were flung to one side with distinctive bony fingers. Without saying a single word, he left the room.

Yu Bai Zhou only recovered when that person’s back disappeared from view.

What was going on with that person?

…Too terrifying.

Unlike the thorough cold of winter night, the summer afternoon was blistering hot, but the breeze passing by the lake was cool.

The high school that the original host attended was a very famous aristocratic school in City A. The children who could enter this school were all from families with prestige. Otherwise, it was talent children with exceptional academic achievements who were recruited by the school.

The original host belonged to the former category. His studies were poor, but his family had money and power.

It was time for class soon. With the information available to him, Yu Bai Zhou led his group of little brothers towards school building three.

There was a bit of distance between the teachers’ office and the teaching area. When they passed by the teachers’ office, Yu Bai Zhou heard two teachers talking in the office.

Coincidentally, when he passed by he heard one of the teachers, a woman, talking about him.

Translator Rambles:

Yu Bai Zhou is described as the 校草 xiao cao, which means “the most handsome boy in the school.” But individually the characters mean “school” and “grass,” which I thought was kind of funny.

The female version is 校花 xiao hua, which means “the prettiest girl in the school / campus belle.” And individually the characters mean “school” and “flower,” which made a little more sense to me.

Obviously I didn’t want to call him “the school grass” in English. Haha. Eventually I settled on the term “school idol,” which I find to be a gender-neutral term for someone that is admired by the students on campus. Admittedly, the choice was influenced by certain Japanese animes with a flashy school setting and an OP student council. Lol.

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Question: Should I continue to translate TSI?

It just came to my attention when I went to update chapter 2 of TSI on novelupdates that someone else have started translating this story. I was not aware of this until today, because the other translator never contacted me about wanting to pick up this story.

Now I have a conundrum. I would like to continue translating this story. After all, I chose this story because I was interested in the premise and translating a fluffy modern story helps me to decompress from translating some of my other more complex projects. But the other translator is translating this story much faster than I am, so from a reader’s perspective it seems kind of pointless for me to continue? I know that as a reader, I would prefer faster updates too. I just kind of wish the other translator would’ve communicated with me when they decided that they wanted this project so we could’ve talked it out. Right now I’m wondering if I should still continue to translate this story. I don’t think anyone would care if I stopped right?

8 thoughts on “Transmigrated into a School Idol 2

  1. Haha, how fun! I’m admittedly very fond of reading about a protagonist who’s been transmigrated into a villain role, so I think this will be entertaining! I also like school settings, 🙂

    Thanks for translating!

  2. I feel bad saying this, but I say drop the series. I love your translations, but I would probably read the quicker translations, and only come onto this website to reread the series, for a better rereading experience, grammatically.

    Also, I’m more interested in Male lead 2 and Male lead 3 anyway, so would dropping this mean faster updates on that?

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    It was pretty rude not to ask you, but what’s done is gone.

    Even though you got it first, I think it’s better to pick another novel, even though you really like this. Or you can reach a consensus with the other TLer, but I don’t think it’ll work.

  4. Both translators have good translation quality. If you want to continue translating this series, then you can contact the other translator. You can each translate and publish certain chapters. It’s not unusual for translation groups to work together to translate a series faster.

  5. That was honestly a really rude thing to do. Not to be hating, and I know the other person is translating faster, but your quality is much better. It’s obvious that the other translator just copied and pasted certain sections directly from MTL without adjusting it for the English reader. I know, because I MTL’ed this story. Modern stories are much easier to understand through MTL than a historical story.

    Do you remember when I asked if you could translate “Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother” because the translation quality was bad? You said you wouldn’t do it because someone else was already working on the project, and it would violate some unspoken translator etiquette to stick your fingers in someone else’s project like that. Obviously I wasn’t happy about that, but I respect your morals, and what you said stuck with me. So I’m kind of angry that this is happening to you.

    I understand that most readers don’t care about who is translating a story as long as they get to read it, but I’ve been following your site for a long time now. I think your personality is great and your translations are awesome. I would prefer it if you could continue to translate this story, since I value quality, but I understand if this event is a hit to your enthusiasm for the story. I’ll support you no matter what you decide to do.

  6. You can both translate it, it’s not like the other translator started from where you left. They went and translated from chapter 1 and they have their own way of translating, if someone prefers to read your version, then it’s their choice, and if they want faster updates, then it’s their choice to go and read the other translation.

    Was it rude from them to not contact you? Yes, but I find it hard to hold that against them since they ARE new to this, that was their first translation but that has already been solved since you already explained to them why it’s shitty to not contact the other translators.

    But then again, there is no official translation of this novel, so why must only one of you hold the rights to translate this novel?

    Also, although dividing chapters might sound like a good idea, each translator has their own style and there would most definitely end up being inconsistencies between each translation.

    Moral of the story, was it rude from them to just start translating? Yes. Should either of you drop it even though you both like it? No.

  7. I honestly would rather wait for your TL’s because your TL’s are a much higher quality then the other TL’s.

  8. Saw it too but I thought it was fine, since I’ve seen some novels being translated by two or three groups (ah, S.C.I. has three or more groups translating it as of this period, also MDZS was being retranslated by a person who just likes it to have a better prose style, though the whole novel was already finished by another group), but I haven’t checked their site since I still prefer reading this here.
    I think it still all depends on readers’ preferences.

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