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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 107

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Chapter 107 

Su Shi was still thinking of taking any opportunity to leave, so he responded quickly to the suggestion and jumped out of the armored vehicle.

“Captain, why are you taking the little sprout along too?”

Seeing Su Shi also getting out of the car, the striker frowned and blocked him: “He’s still considered a college student, how can he protect himself? Don’t bring him along. It’ll add trouble. Tell him to stay in the car and rest. He’s been frightened and all alone for so many days, yet you’re not letting him get a good rest?”

His words started out sounding reasonable, but there was something off about the latter half of his persuasion.

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The deputy leader gaped with his mouth open. He was just about to agree with the striker, but then his words got stuck half way up his throat.

Yuan Zheng did not rush to speak. He just crossed his arms and looked at Mu Shi, patiently waiting for his choice.

“… Asides from the supplies warehouse nearby, I also know of a supermarket, and it’s not far from here.”

Seeing his [Bonanza] ability lighting up again, Su Shi pondered for a moment, and then added more weight to his stance.


The striker’s eyes brightened. He quickly pulled Su Shi over with interest, and put the person behind him: “Great, you tell me the way there, and I will clear the way for you in front. Rest assured, you will definitely not be put in danger.”

Compared to the warehouse, which only stored basic materials and they even had to turn in ninety percent of the harvest, the team members who go out on mission obviously prefer supermarkets.

This was not only because there were always some surprises to be found in supermarkets, but also because the team had complete rights over the distribution of items obtained from there. If they found a large enough supermarket, then the entire team could live well off for a while.

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The team members’ eyes lit up when they heard there was a supermarket nearby. Their enthusiasm rose instantly, and in the blink of an eye, they escorted Mu Shi out quite far.

Yuan Zheng raised his eyebrows, shook his head, and chuckled. Then he locked up the car and caught up with them: “All right, but don’t forget about our mission, we still have to report back to the higher ups…”

The deputy leader was left behind. He stood there stewing in anger for a long while, and finally swallowed down the advice to not bring along outsiders while performing their mission.

The weight of the supplies was very heavy, so it would not be convenient to carry the supplies around with them. Taking into account the high enthusiasm of his team, Yuan Zheng temporarily adjusted the mission plan, and decided to first go to the supermarket that Mu Shi had spoke of.

Low-level zombies would not move about easily during the day, so the danger was relatively low. But a wave of zombies had after all just broken out in this area, so there might be zombies above Grade C in the area. The team did not dare to relax their vigilance and moved forward quickly.

Following the navigation on the map, Su Shi led everyone to the supermarket in a short span of time.

The so-called supermarket was just a miserable little retail store. The team members were somewhat disappointed, but they also didn’t want to make the kindhearted student sad, so they joked with each other, saying that they didn’t know what they might find inside and that it might be something good. The downcast atmosphere turned around and resumed its liveliness in the blink of an eye.

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Su Shi didn’t speak. He moved forward and fiddled a few times with the lock before unlocking the supermarket door. Then he walked down the stairs.

According to the level of the treasure trove last time, if this was not a supermarket, then he would complain about the system deceiving consumers when he went back.

The team members did not expect there to be stairs leading underground. They hesitated for a moment, and then quickly followed.

The power supply had been cut off. Yuan Zheng used his abilities to light up a few overhead lights, and then a dazzling array of goods shelves were suddenly revealed to everyone.

Excitement lit up in everyone’s eyes.

The members of the patrol team were well trained and naturally they would not scramble disorderly. After assigning tasks, they split up to search different areas. Su Shi did not go with the others. Instead, he went straight to the glasses counter in the corner.

There were only glasses frames. He didn’t know if the system’s special effect [as long as you wear glasses, others will not be able to recognize you] was still effective.

Su Shi picked up a few glasses frames that caught his eye and stored them away. Then he casually picked up a bag of unexpired chocolates. He tore open the bag and went back the way he came, and just so happened to bump into Yuan Zheng who was walking in his direction.

“What did you pick?”

It was the other party who had led them to his supermarket. According to the rules of apocalyptic times, everything here was considered Mu Shi’s even if he could not carry it all.

The person in front of him obviously did not have this kind of awareness. He generously showed him the bag of chocolates in his hand and passed it over to him: “Do you want to eat?”

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Translator Corner

Su Shi: “Do you want to eat… me?”

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