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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 129

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Chapter 129 (42.1)

The team immediately stopped advancing, and the doctor rushed back. Seeing the situation in front of him, the doctor didn’t bother to ask anything before half kneeling down and taking Su Shi’s wrist in his hand.

Yuan Zheng crouched on the ground and told Su Shi to lean against his arm. His eyes closely followed the doctor’s movements.

The person in his arms was breathing very quickly and his thin body was trembling uncontrollably. The light in his pupils was nearly diminished, and he still instinctively tried to find his gaze.

His chest was burning hot. Yuan Zheng knelt down and hugged him. He firmly held his hand: “It’s okay, it’s going to be okay, I’m here…”

Su Shi’s body was too tense. The doctor tried a few times before he managed to barely pull on that arm. He tried to send a trace of his power into his body, but he suddenly shivered severely and pulled his hand away suddenly.

“What happened?”

Yuan Zheng’s eyes sank slightly. Anxiety spread through him as he looked at the doctor with surprise.

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The body in his arms has completely exhausted its strength and was gradually weakening, but it was still shivering faintly. Those eyes had closed at some point, and those eyebrows were still furrowed slightly.

“He’s not injured, but there is a strange force in his body.”

The doctor had a complicated expression on his face. He nervously guessed the possible situation and muttered in a low voice: “This kind of power seems to be trying to control him. He has been trying his best to resist, but this will make him very painful…”

When the doctor’s powers had touched upon Su Shi’s, he felt intense burning pain like an electric shock. It was impossible to imagine what kind of pain this young man was bearing along the way.

“Back then, when he was looking through my medicine box, he must have been looking for analgesics… If only I had pressed him about his condition at that time.”

Thinking of the situation at that time, the doctor showed some annoyance in his eyes, and drew out a needle of anesthetic for Su Shi. After waiting for a while, the young man’s symptoms did not seem to alleviate at all.

“Is the dosage not enough?”

Unconsciously tightening his arm, Yuan Zheng met the doctor’s befuddled gaze and spoke with a low voice.

The doctor nodded. There was a trace of anxiety and helplessness in his eyes.

“Ordinary anesthetics have little effect on the damage caused by supernatural powers—maybe it would be better if he discharged some of this power, but seeing as how he has been enduring all this time, he must be afraid of hurting us [when he releases that power]…”

The team members have all gathered around in concern.

The deputy team leader squatted on one side with a complex look on his face for a moment. He looked at him and said in a low voice, “Captain, could it be Dr. He?”

The place where the patrol team had chosen to stay overnight was not easy to locate, and armored vehicles also had concealment devices. If the ambushers had not been tracking them all along, then their itinerary must have been leaked accidentally somewhere.

Knowing the true identity of Dr. He and connecting it with those sensational matters in the past, it really made him wonder whether Dr. He had done something to Mu Shi or not.

Yuan Zheng’s gaze sank and he interrupted the deputy team leader.

“You guys keep moving forward. I will catch up later. He needs to rest and can’t travel on the road any more.”

There were indeed several abilities that could control others, but all of them were extremely harmful to the human body. If Dr. He had really used these methods on Mu Shi then Yuan Zheng might get rid of that loathsome careerist before the Son of Hell could get a chance to.

The deputy team leader stopped talking, met Yuan Zheng’s immovable gaze, nodded, and stood up silently.

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The team members were all worried about Mu Shi’s condition. No one wanted to leave like this. But Yuan Zheng’s attitude seemed very resolute, so every had to reluctantly follow in the footsteps of the deputy team leader, but they still looked back frequently with uneasy faces.

The doctor was no longer able to help, so Yuan Zheng did not ask him to stay. After the team members had completely walked away, he carefully picked up the person who seemed to be silent in his arms.

His supernatural power surged, and a gentle light shone by his side.

The young man lying face up in his arms seemed to have calmed down, but his eyebrows would occasionally knit together and the slight tremors going through his body still showed the predicament in his body that was obviously not alleviated at all.

It obviously hurt so much, and yet the young man had bore it all alone for who knew how long.

Yuan Zheng’s gaze dimmed. He held Mu Shi’s wrist lightly, hesitated for a moment, and then carefully activated his power.

For fear of disturbing the other person’s already overwhelmed body, he slowed his progress to a snail’s pace and cautiously inserted his power into Su Shi’s body, but he expression abruptly shifted.

He did indeed sense the strange force that the doctor had mentioned.

But it was a very familiar force. Yuan Zheng recognized this feeling from the confrontation just now. It was the exact same tyrannical power that had left countless deep wounds on his body.

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