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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 49

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Chapter 49

“’The truth comes to light, and everything is clear.’ He also preserved his life. Don’t tell me this is enough?”

Lin Feng’s gaze sank. The words heard outside the door were repeated slowly. The hands hanging at his sides unconsciously tightened into fists.

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To be able to speak such words, how could he not be feeling aggrieved in his heart?

Just because he was more sensible. Because he was sensible, because he always cared about the people around him, so he could bear more grievances and endure more suffering than others.

But a knife cut into one’s body would still hurt.

“Go and summon Lin Jing over here. I’m going to go see him.”

Lin Feng whispered a command, took a deep breath, and walked quickly towards the ward again.

Just as he pushed open the door, the youth lying on the bed turned his gaze towards the door.

The gaze in those eyes did not have time to rise up its guards. Seeing the protagonist leaving and then returning again, Su Shi couldn’t help but be surprised. His bright eyes seemed innocent and soft.

There wasn’t even an iota of willfulness in those eyes.

Lin Feng chuckled involuntarily. He walked towards the youth, sat sideways on the bed, and gently stroked the top of his head. “What is it? When you woke up and didn’t see Brother, did you get angry?”


Met with the soft and warm light in those eyes, Su Shi lifted the blanket and hid underneath, his mood complicated.

Con man!

Lin Jing was obviously not treated like this when he was making mischief or being willful!

“Okay now, don’t be angry anymore. Brother will admit his fault.”

Lin Feng patiently plucked the person out from the blanket burrito, pulled him flush against his body, and gently patted him comfortingly. He unscrewed a thermos filled with hot cocoa and handed it to him. “I didn’t have time to go home. I had this made at a milk tea store. Try it and see if you like it?”

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Lin Feng’s voice already sounded a bit hoarse, and there was a faint odor of cigarettes clinging to him. Who knew how many days he had gone without a good rest.

Su Shi subconsciously lifted his head. Those eyes looking down at him were bloodshot, and there was exhaustion painted across the brows, but they still looked at him with the warmth of a smile, the gaze expressing some mild doubt.

At a glance, one could tell that the thermos cost quite a bit. It was high-end and stylish. Not even Longjing tea was good enough to be put in it, but right now it was filled with hot cocoa. The simmering heat of the sweet hot drink slowly rose from the thermos.

…Asides from reducing the level of favorability, it’s not like there aren’t other methods.

Inexplicably, his heart softened again. Su Shi nodded and received the thermos.

Lin Feng patiently supported his back, and tilted the mouth of the thermos to help him take a few sips. “Is it too hot?”

Su Shi shook his head amidst the fragrant and sweet steam. He leaned back into Lin Feng’s arms, turned around, and actively hugged him. “Brother, I actually didn’t get angry.”

“Brother knows. You are distressed for Brother and don’t want to make things hard for Brother.”

The thin and weak body took the initiative to embrace him. The strength behind the hug was light and soft. It poked at one’s heart, silently spreading a soft and gentle warmth.

Lin Feng put down the thermos, wrapped his arms around Su Shi’s back, and patted him slowly. “Jinchu, Brother guarantees that your body will definitely get better, and the truth will come to fruition sooner or later. Believe in your brother, okay?”

I knew I couldn’t be softhearted! As soon as I relax a little, something goes wrong!

Seeing that the protagonist’s direction of force was running counter to his task, Su Shi impatiently straightened up. He opened his mouth, wanting to speak, but suddenly a strong palpitation shuddered through his chest.

His vision instantly turned dark. His heart beat fiercely, and a strong sense of suffocation deprived him of his physical strength.

Lin Feng hurriedly grabbed his weak body, and raised his hand to press the call bell. “Jinchu—Jinchu!”

“It’s okay. I’ll be fine in a moment…”

Su Shi had become accustomed to this state these past few days. Su Shi held his hand, closed his eyes, tried his best to calm down, and shook his head gently.

Just this bit of effort caused the face of the youth in his arms to become pale and almost transparent. Cold sweat burst out, and his body collapsed into weakness.

Thinking of the doctor, Lin Feng’s heart gradually sank.

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The doctor on duty quickly rushed over, checked Su Shi’s physical condition, got oxygen for him, and instructed the patient to stay in bed before he signaled to Lin Feng towards the door.

Seeing the color gradually return to the youth’s face, Lin Feng finally breathed a little sigh of relief, and stroked his hair gently. “Brother is going out to exchange a few words with the doctor. It’s all right. I will come back soon.”

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