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The Big Landlord 111.2

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Chapter 111.2 – Number One Merchant

Concerning Fu Yuan Jian’s decision to be Da Ya’s number one merchant, Zhao Gang and Yun fei were not in agreement, but on the contrary, Zhao Yi was supportive of Fu Yuan Jian’s decision, because he knew that Fu Yuan Jian was not suited to being an emperor.

“To be able to subdue Fu Yuan Jian and Zhao Yi, Fu Yuan Cheng does indeed have skill!”

After hearing what Fu Wu Tian said, An Zi Ran nodded in agreement. Then he remembered another thing and suddenly raised his head. “Based on what you’re saying, shouldn’t it be Fu Yuan Jian behind Bao Hua Gambling House?”

Fu Wu Tian was a little surprised by his keenness.

When An Zi Ran saw Fu Wu Tian’s expression, he knew that his guess was most likely correct. Fu Yuan Jian and Fu Yuan Cheng were both on the same boat, no matter which one he was up against, it was the same.

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Early the next morning, Li Zhen personally brought someone with him to deliver the playing cards to the casino. They went through the back door, so not many people saw them going in. No one knew that the first batch of playing cards have been prepared until the casino advertised them.

An Zi Ran’s plan was to temporarily sell the first batch of playing cards at the casino, because the gamblers themselves were the best publicity. With their help, through word of mouth, news of the new playing cards should spread within half a day. However, the results were even better than he had expected.

In less than a day, four thousand decks of playing cards were sold. After learning that the price for a deck of cards was one hundred and fifty coins, some of the gamblers felt a little sore, but at the thought of the rarity of this thing, they steeled themselves and bought it.

Some people even bought five decks. If the casino did not limit them to five decks per a customer, then they probably would have bought more. And for those who hesitated for too long, when they finally made up their minds to buy it, the decks were all sold out. One by one they all immediately regretted their hesitation.

As for the remaining one thousand decks of playing cards, An Zi Ran had other plans.

Five hundred of them were gifted to gold card members of the little garden as member benefits.

As for the other five hundred decks, An Zi Ran had already found a shop to his liking, and was planning to open a store selling playing cards in the capital, genuinely geared towards the common people. As for how many people would buy the playing cards that would depend on the people (and whether or not they were willing to part with their money).

After news of the novel playing cards store circulated, those who did not buy the cards at the casino all went to the store early the next morning and squatted outside to wait, but the cards were sold out quickly. Excluding manufacturing and labor costs, five thousand decks of playing cards made a net profit of three to four hundred silvers.

In the past, Li Zhen absolutely did not dare to imagine that he could earn so much money in one day. This result strengthened his determination to cooperate with An Zi Ran.

What was unfortunate was that the second batch of playing cards would take some time to produce. As for the mahjong cards, An Zi Ran intended to wait until they came back from Ali Xiang to promote them. As long as they had the technological skills, they did not have to worry about being preempted by Bao Hua Gambling House.

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At the same time, Bao Hua Gambling House welcomed the arrival of their master.

Luo Yang and Jiang Sheng did not expect that their master would come in person. While being startled, they could also guess that their master must have heard about the playing cards.

Both of them were very nervous and apprehensive in their hearts. When they rushed to the private booth, they saw their master’s unhappy expression. And when their master saw them coming in, his angry eyes fell upon them like a whip.

“This prince left matters into your hands, but this is the results you give this prince?” Fu Yuan Jian said as he smashed the teacup in his hands at their feet. The pieces of the teacup were scattered everywhere. There were porcelain shards in nearly all four corners of the room.

Luo Yang closed his eyes and did not speak. After calming down, he was not as panicked as before.

The current person in charge of Bao Hua Gambling House was not him, but Jiang Sheng. He was responsible too, but wang ye’s anger must be directed at the person currently in charge of the gambling house.

Wang ye, right now the workshop is producing official card paper with all their effort. In three days time, they will be able to produce five thousand sheets of official card paper. We should still be able to make it on time,” Jiang Sheng braced himself to explain.

“What do you understand?!” Fu Yuan Jian snorted coldly. “In business, making the first move is an advantage. You said it would take three days before we can get the official card paper. What about the time for making playing cards? By that time, Tian Long Gambling House will have produced their second and third batch of playing cards. At that time do you still think there will be leeway for us to display our playing cards?”

Jiang Sheng didn’t have business acumen, so of course he didn’t know about such things, but even if he knew, there was nothing that he could do, because three days was indeed the fastest.

He had thought of going to other counties to buy the paper, but official card paper was not a precious product that could be easily popularized. The quality of paper from paper mills near the capital was not as good as the one within the capital itself. There were better papermaking workshops farther away, but they were too far, and it would take more than three days to go back and forth.

Fu Yuan Jian also knew this, but he needed a place to vent.

He was determined to the number one merchant in Da Ya. Bao Hua Gambling House was just the first step, because he needed to earn more money to do other things.

However, in his creed of life, no matter what industry he was in, he demanded to bet he best, however, just as he was striding towards success, someone harshly inserted a bar in his way. Not only did the other party successfully obtained Feng Hua Gambling House, they even snatched more than half of the business from Bao Hua Gambling House, resulting in the income of Bao Hua Gambling House becoming worse than before.

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Now the other party was launching some kind of mahjong cards. If Tian Long Gambling House continued to develop like this, would there still be a place for them in the capital in the future? That’s why he wanted Jiang Sheng and Luo Yang to find out details about Tian Long Gambling House as soon as possible. What was even more unexpected and made him want to pull his hair out in frustration was that Yu Bo Fei’s trusted aide, Gong Yun, had dared to spoil his plans.

The only explanation was that Tian Long Gambling House might be related to the Yu family.

The more that Fu Yuan Jian thought about it, the more that he felt that this must be the case. The Yu family has always been at odds with the Zhao family. This was a fact that the entire Jun Zi City knew. If Gong Yun received Yu Bo Fei’s instructions to obstruct Fu Yuan Jian, then that would make sense.

But he could scarcely imagine that even Yu Bo Fei only learned about this matter after it had happened.

While Fu Yuan Jian scolded his men for being incompetent, Gong Yun was also summoned by Yu Bo Fei. The reason for the summons was related to the day that Gong Yun took the imperial guards to Boss Zhao’s house.

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