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XZX 10.5

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Here’s the real chapter. Enjoy!

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Chapter 10.5 – A World With Only Two People

Xue Jing Yi shouted “Mom” twice, but did not get a response, and finally she realized that there was no one in this family who could stop her brother anymore.

They were both adopted children. So why was the person he fell in love with not her? It should not have been this way!

Xue Zi Xuan extinguished his cigarette. His expression was enigmatic. The semi-threatening words before were just perfunctory, and not his original intention. He had never thought of hiding his feelings. On the contrary, he wished that he could declare it to the entire world.

But his beloved teenager was right by his side. If he were determined to go at it with his mother, the teenager would be forced to bear too much pressure. He was still so young. He deserved to live more carefree and without worries.

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So he took a shot and sent Xue Mother and Xue Father away first. All the rumors, objections, and pressure in the future would be borne by him alone.

There was still a matter in his heart and he was somewhat impatient. He saw Xue Jing Yi still dawdling in the room, unwilling to leave. He said coldly: “Go back and pack your things, I will send you to Switzerland tomorrow.”

Xue Jing Yi wiped away her tears and floated away like a wandering spirit. When she got to the door, she turned around, and her sharp, knife-like eyes pierced the teenager’s chest hard, as if she were going to dig out his heart.

Zhou Yun Sheng was sharp and instantly caught this trace of murderous intent. He could not help but arch a brow, wondering if she knew something. But before he could investigate, Xue Jing Yu had withdrew her gaze and turned to leave.

Then he looked at the young man and asked: “When did we fall in love with each other?”

Xue Zi Xuan leisurely helped him put on a pair of white socks, and muttered: “Always have been. Furthermore, it was on the premise of marriage.”

If he were drinking water at this time, Zhou Yun Sheng would definitely spray it out. He choked for a long time before criticizing: “Don’t talk nonsense. When did I promise to marry you? Same-sex marriage in China is not protected by law!”

“Then we will change our nationality and find a country that recognizes gay marriage. I can transfer Xue’s consortium abroad.”

Xue Zi Xuan’s light tone of voice was the same as if he were talking about trivial matters, and not about immigration, transferring assets, etc, these matters of vital life-changing importance.

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The fact of the matter was that for him these were really nothing. In his previous life, he was suppressed by Xue Yan and unable to gain a foothold in China. The Xue consortium was also beaten down. As a last resort, he changed his nationality and transferred his assets abroad.

Now that he was reborn again, he was sincerely thankful for the suffering and displacement of his previous life. It made him strong and at the same time gave him the ability to protect the teenager.

So say, he did lose really poorly in his last life. In the face of family coercion, he could only make concessions and compromise again and again. This life was different. He would never repeat the same mistakes.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked deeply into the eyes of the young man and found that there was only firmness and passion in it, without perfunctory and jokes, and finally determined that what he said was true.

If he said that his heart was not moved at all, that would be impossible.

This warm feeling, this wide and warm embrace, has always been his deepest hidden desire.

But he could not forget the young man’s original intention for bringing him back to the Xue family, and he could not believe his sudden and unrequited love. If he blindly placed his hopes on him, he feared that sooner or later he would be disappointed, and even sink into despair. The young man has planned a future for them, but in his future, the young man did not exist.

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In the end, he still did not believe him. Or rather, he did not dare to believe him.

Zhou Yun Sheng stroked his eyelids, dared not face the young man who appeared so sincere at this moment, whispered a “I’m going to the computer room,” and then fled.

Staring at the teenager’s hastily retreating back, Xue Zi Xuan thought that he was scared by the passion just now. He smiled, a helpless smile full of love.

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  1. Thanks for your hard work!

    Ah, when will he believe in XZX’s love?? I want to see them happy, happy, happy!

  2. I really like this CP, even though I’m rereading it now, I’m still reluctant when I thought ZYS was being forced in this relationship, but then I forgot the phrase “if he said that his heart was not moved at all, that would be impossible”, I was so relieved when I read that, and btw I keep having this feeling that the author is hinting something to us, even though I still haven’t finished reading this because I don’t have money to read on patreon (7w7) I’ll patiently wait, hopefully you said you’re updating this once a week. And I hope the author will explain at the end why XZX was reborn, I’m really hoping my guess is right, and if not, well

  3. Honestly, though I like the CP I’m more concerned with ZYS being 16 ,he is a minor. If we are to be honest here XZX relationship with ZYS is pedophilia and I’m really creeped out by this.

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